Need a Demo Extension?

Digging the demo and want more time?
then use one of the codes below to get an extra 14 days…

version 2020.11 (or higher)

version 2020.7 – 2020.9



Need an Emergency code cuz your License Stopped Working?

If you having BaseHead licensing issues and already used the one above…
Then try one of these Emergency Break Glass 2 Day Codes with the Trail version.
NOTE: These codes only work with the non-CodeMeter (CM) versions.

Then once you are back up and running send us a Support Ticket with your problems if you haven’t already so we can get you back on your your proper license.  8)

version 2020.11 (or higher)

version 2020.1 – 2020.9

Only use them if you need them!  😉