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Sampler for playing back / processing multiple files then importing as 1 file

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It would be really really cool if there was some sort of midi playable sampler that sounds could be loaded into and then played with midi which then can be imported as a single sound into the DAW. For some workflows and creating designed sounds this would be a huge timesaver in debris for example to not have 30 tracks in DAW but to put them into a sampler, then process, and import them together.

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We have integration coming for a sampler another company is making.  It's was delayed on their end and should have been out months ago.  Hopefully they can get it out the gate soon so we can test it it and make it available.    I will actually be seeing the creators of the sampler next week so hopefully I will get an update on their progress.  If they are still 6+ months away from a release then we will probably only put the integration in the upcoming v2024 of basehead.  We have a test version working in an inhouse PC version already but waiting for them to have something to sell before we spend the time to put it in the mac version also.