Public BETA Start Info

It’s time to show basehead 2024 to the masses!  We have been working on this new and very Epic version of basehead for over 2.5 years now and it’s time to get a bit of feedback and get some help to find what we missed to port over still.

Underneath and also on top it’s a whole new beast as you will shortly know after installing it and includes a version for paid licenses version and also a new FREE Edition mode if you come from BaseHead Creator now also starting in build 2024.05.23.

Glance at the Massive Change List

Look at Pretty Pictures

Download this new bad boy for 2024 and Play!

Where to Report Bugs?

Join the SLACK BETA Workspace is the best way for minor things and join in on the discussions also and to be notificated of changes, fixes and updates.

A link to SLACK can be found on the Welcome Screen inside the Public BETA at launch.

You can also use the normal Ticket System especially for reports that require sending us screenshots or video or confidential information.

We are a very small team trying to do very big things, so your help is really invaluable to us. 
Thanks so much for helping out!

Steve Tushar
BaseHead, LLC