Basehead 2024 BETA VERSIOn BUILDs

You need an Cloud, iLok, USB or System Bound License that has an Active Maintenance Plan. 
(CodeMeter was dropped in v2024.  Send us a message to migrate off your CmStick or CmACT licenses)

basehead 2024 BETA Downloads

These Full Installers include the basehead Connect DAW streaming plugin and YES it’s fine to install it next to the current released version.  They don’t share any resourses at all besides one folder but the files are diferent so it’s 100% safe.  😉

Current Build v2024.04.03

PC Users

Win 10 – Windows 11 

Settings Location:

macOS Users

(macOS 10.15 or higher is required) 

Settings Location:
~/Users/steve/Library/Application Support/basehead

After install…

On first launch it will sniff out your old licenses folder and copy it to the new location.  If it doesn’t work copy your .key from
~Documents/BaseHead 5.x/Licenses 

After it launches…
either create a new Database and start importing or drop your old Database onto Results List to copy and convert it to the new 6.x Format.


Master Change List
a list of new stuff, stuff coming and dropped stuff.

Key Commands
here is a semi-updated list of the key commands in v2024