BaseHead, LLC just added hardwired Target App support for Adobe Premiere Pro for both PC and Mac.
This allows actions/functions like…

  • Spot to Track
  • Xfer to Bin/Pool
  • Follow Session Folder
  • Auto-Switching Paths

To get going, you’ll first need to install the BaseHead Panel from the BaseHead Options Page.  Just select the ‘Premiere Pro’ option from the Target Application combo/popup box and press the ‘install’ label next it.

Once it’s installed, re-open PPro and you’ll now see the BaseHead Panel in the ‘Window/Extensions’ menu.  –>>

NOTE: for BaseHead to communicate with this panel it must always be open.  –>>>>

So….to Spot a file direct to PPro from BaseHead first select where you want the new file to land in PPro by selecting one of the audio tracks usually named A1-A8 in the 3rd column.  In the screenshot to the right we have track A3 selected.  Then place your playhead at the desired location where you want the incoming file to be placed. Then go to BH and select a file or region and press “S” and BH will toss the file to PPro  and set it on the selected destination track where you placed the playhead.

If you only want the files just to go Media bin only and not to a track then use the command “X” from BaseHead.

Also see the user manual for ‘Follow Session Folder’ and ‘Auto-Switching Paths’.  Both these functions are also supported with PPro.

NOTE: Since PPro doesn’t have a dedicated Audio Files folder like DAW’s usually do, we auto-create a subfolder name “_bhAudio” next to the .prproj session file to place newly created files into.