Thanks for Purchasing an INJECTOR License!



All authorization info we need is gathered thru the License Request application (version 4.0) right now.

Download License Request v4.0 at these links.

USB/iLok and and System bound license Activation:

Launch License Request and choose the device you want to bind your license to and simply press ‘Copy to Clipboard’ to copy the DeviceSerial code.
You can also ‘Create and XML File’ that can saved off if easier.

Then go to your ‘My Licenses’ page below and click ‘Activate’ on any empty license Container to finish the Activation process.

Either paste in the DeviceSerial code OR select the XML file generated from License Request and press ‘Activate’.

Once the container is successfully activated click the ‘Download’ button to get your .key file.




Then launch Injector and click the ‘Register’ button from the Start Screen 




and then in the Offline Activation section drop this .key file  on the button that says…’Drop License .key file HERE!’ and you “should” then get a message your are Authorized and Ready to Rock yo!  😉


Ran into some Issues or need some help with Licensing?

Send an email to with your problem and we will sort you out as soon as possible.  😉
Non-licensing problems should follow the links below instead to get help.

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