Thanks for Installing BaseHead with CloudPacks!

Now you can purchase SFX CloudPacks from within the program all with Instantaneous Delivery!

Here’s some startup info!
Most users including the demo users should  launch BaseHead and existing CodeMeter CmStick users should launch BaseHead-CM

Demo Users:  
By default the demo is the Ultra Edition.  If you want to preview one of the other two versions, simply just change the drop down box in the top right of the program to the version you want to preview and restart it.
NOTE: if you switch to a Non-Ultra version some nodes like ‘Collections’ will be hidden on the PeekTree and you will need to manually re-show in from the PeekTree setting menu once you switch back to the Ultra Edition.


The Online Manuals can be found HERE with getting started videos!

When you are ready to purchase a license, we offer a gang of different licensing options now.
Read about them all on the Licensing Options Page.

Doing Re-install and using a USB Device or System Binding? (this includes iLoks)
If you are re-installing and choose the USB Device or iLok Device binding for authorization, then make sure to install your License.key file again to bind your device again to the new system.
You can re-download always from the ‘My Licenses’ page.

System Bound user Changing to a new System?
you can now manually De-Activate and Re-Activate the new system by yourself via the ‘My Licenses’ page!
See this ‘Blog Post’ for more info.  😉

Having issues?
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-Steve T.