BaseHead (Upgrades)



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Choose this item if you need to upgrade ANY version of BaseHead to the latest.

We will need a new License Request file sent to us once you have placed your order
(unless you are upgrading from a lesser 5.x version cuz we already have a modern License Request file)
You can now do this from inside BaseHead if you go to the ‘Register’ Panel from the Start screen now.
Or download the application a la carte from the bottom of the main Downloads page.

NOTE: Doing an internal upgrade of 5.x Lite or 5.x Standard to a higher version will not extend your Support Plan since it’s just the difference in price.


Additional Info

Additional information

Target Version

5.x Ultra, 5.x Standard, 5.x Lite

Current Version

5.x Standard, 5.x Lite, 4.x Ultra, 4.x Standard, 4.x Lite, 3.x, 2.x