BaseHead Upgrades & Support Plans Extensions


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Purchase this item to extend your  Support Plan or you want the to be able to launch the latest and greatest version if already expired.

Exciting News 4.x Users!
We no longer charge an additional upgrade fee to get from 4.x to the Latest version.  Just extend via this Support Plan item and BLAM! you will get upgraded to the latest version of your Current Edition now  😉

Even More Exciting News for 3.x and 2. x users!
version 2.x and 3.x user can also allow extending Support Plans for 2.x and 3.x to get the latest version.
If on 2.x you will get the Latest Lite Edition and if on 3.x you will get the Latest Standard Edition.
Note: these version only allow 12 month extensions at this point, but you can renew it longer at a later date fine.

You can also upgrade the edition in the Edition Upgrade item in the store if you want to get more features once you purchase this Support Plan extension.  😉

BaseHead constantly evolves and mutates now with very rapid development. Make sure you don’t miss the latest update by keeping your Support Plan active and current for your Perpetual license.   DAW manufactures constantly make changes that break integration that we need to compensate for.  Plus not to mention OS updates we have to chase also constantly to make sure we are compatible with.  8(

The struggle is real Y'all!  😉

FYI: Our standard licenses are Perpetual and will never stop working and comes with 12 months of free updates. When that period runs out you can support the hard work we do by extending your support plan if you want the latest and greatest features.


Additional information

Current Version

version 2.x or 3.x (will be upgraded to the latest Standard Edition), Ultra Edition, Standard Edition, Lite Edition, version 3.x (will be upgraded to the latest Standard Edition), version 2.x (will be upgraded to the latest Lite Edition)

Extension Period

12 Months, 24 Months, 36 Months (Best Value!)