BaseHead Maintenance Period Extensions


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Purchase this to 'Extend' your Maintenance Period to allow you to launch the latest and greatest version of BaseHead so can use the hot new features we recently added into our baby.  😉
Plus it's the best way to support all the hard work we put into our little beast of a program.

NOTE: This item should only be initiated from the the 'My Licenses' Page by clicking the 'Extend' button.  If you got here any other way please go visit that page first.  

FYI: If you are locking to unlock extra features use the 'Upgrade' button instead on the 'My Licenses Page' 8)

BaseHead constantly evolves and mutates with very rapid development so make sure you don’t miss the latest update by keeping your Maintenance Period active for your Perpetual license.   DAW manufactures are constantly making changes that break integration that we need to compensate for.  Plus not to mention OS updates we have to chase also constantly to make sure we are compatible with them as well.  8(


Additional information

Current Version

version 2.x or 3.x (will be upgraded to the latest Standard Edition), Ultra Edition, Standard Edition, Lite Edition, version 3.x (will be upgraded to the latest Standard Edition), version 2.x (will be upgraded to the latest Lite Edition)

Extension Period

12 Months, 24 Months, 36 Months (Best Value!)