Thanks for Purchasing a License Transfer!



Doing a Transfer of Ownership?

First….Send us message with all the info of the new owner of the license then….

CodeMeter CmStick Users:
Simply give the CmStick to the new user and done!

Non-CmStick Users:
Tell the new owner to send us their License Request with the steps below so we can issue the new license and add it to their BaseHead, LLC account.
FYI: Once we send them the new license, we will kill off your old one immediately!  😉

Doing a CmStick License Transfer to another CmStick?

Send a License Request from BOTH the old and new CmSticks with the below steps.

Download License Request v4.0 at these links.

After you’ve launched it, select the CmStick option and press the ‘Create File’ and send the file it creates to with your order number from the email that is in your BaseHead, LLC account.  Once we receive it and write the license into your account you will be emailed a notification how to retrieve it.