keep original sampl...

keep original samplerate  



i work with a lot of diffrent sample rate so i need

 BH to have a feature to keep the audio-source samplerate when exporting (from bh)

right now i have to go into pref -> transfer -> whenever i need to export as a diffrent sample rate 

OR just have a feature that keeps the original samplerate when im not spotting to "target application"!!


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That is a great idea, I've sometimes forgotten to set the sample rate, and realized that I transfered the files at a lower sample rate than I wanted to


Ok...this hasn't gotten many votes BUT I personally think it's a valid request for a future option so I just added this to the ToDo list.
esp. since I don't "think" if would be much work to add this option.

so "C" should follow this new option rule but not "S" and "X" for sure.

BUT what about "T" is the question?  I'm thinking 'NO' here.  Do you guys agree?


Thinking "S" and "X" should get the DAW's session rate and follow that? Is that doable? Or should it be a whole separate preference setting perhaps -- "All transfer commands follow DAW bit depth and sample rate"? Would then be a way to have a choice where to do SRC -- in Basehead or in the DAW... Maybe tie that setting to the "follow session folder" setting?


EDIT: and yes, I realize it is somewhat of a different issue than having a setting to follow the original rate (say, when batch-converting and NOT spotting to DAW). So both are needed 🙂