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[Solved] Add description column to 'Browser'

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thats it!

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We allowed [description] editing to the Browser page a while back but to display this in the List would be slow as it would need to read it file by file cuz the Browser is not database driven.

The Bad news is the Browser Page will not come over to next major version of BaseHead 2023 allowing browsing of files not in the database/

The Good News is it will be a PeekTree with have a Browser Node instead and now be Database Driven so you will have [description] in the list and the all the rest of the metadata [fields] also.  You will be able to Browse/Drill down thru folders and add them to Collections and other PeekTree things you can't do right now.

Closing this off as it's being handled by a complete re-design.  😉



Why isn't it there yet? It's such an obvious thing!


I would then to also vote to add "CATEGORY" and "SUBCATEGORY", or, better, yet, to be able to add any metadata field already avaiable in the results pane via Snapshots

Steve T. 18/01/2023 9:22 pm

It will be possible to add ANY field to the Taglist or Browser as they will be full blow database driven Datagrids this time instead of ListViews.  To start they might be a bit limited so we can push the version out fast but rest assured it will all be possible and will come.  😉