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BaseHead Mac 2021.11.17 BETA

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Changes so far...

  • Nuendo/Cubase: You can now Spot “S” to Tracks inside folders.  You need to install the latest SKI pluging in the full installer to fix this.
  • More Process Tails Options added up to 1 minute now.
  • More Spot withHandles option lengths added up to 3 mins. Now
  • 14 day demo reset so everyone gets a fresh 14 days again.
  • New Option in Audio section of Option Page “Mono To Center Channel”   When ON and more then 4 speakers are detected, Mono and Solo’d sources will play out the Center Speaker
  • Missing Device Window Labels fixed to show values again
  • USB/iLok Licensing fixes done.
  • TurboActivate dll updated used for demo mode
  • CloudPacks: Spot with Handles error fixed that was throwing up and error in Pro Tools
  • Process presets listed now in alphabetical order
  • Fixed some display issues with process effects slots
  • PPro: Removed _bhAudio subfolder
  • Pro Tools: We remove the UMID in the bext Chunk if a unique name is copied to the Transfer Path now to stop Pro Tool from asking you to stamp the file.
  • UCS: Strict UCS Search: added to UCS Options Menu.  When ON will search for exact UCS Compliant results when clicking a Cat/Subcat in the UCS List
  • UCS: Two new functions added to UCS Settings Menu in the Action section “Display UCS Records” and Display all Non-UCS Records” that do just that based on the current Results List shown
  • UCS: new keycommand CTRL+Shift+C will now show the UCS tab and put keyboard focus the the Category filter box
  • PPro: Fixed “S” and Permission issues with Premiere 2022
  • Steinberg DAW’s: Added future support
  • Installer: Removed Webpage launch during install
  • CloudPacks/HTTP: fixed Issue when tagging file after reselecting it
  • Audio Engine: Fixed hiccup at start of playback of Split Files
  • macOS12: fixed some UI errors
  • Permission fixes done for macOS 10.15 and higher
  • Premiere Pro: Asian Character Support Added for “S” function. You’ll need to Update the Extension/Panel from Adobe Marketplace for the fix here.    
  • Fixed an error that could occur when selecting a UCS category after a search
  • Nuendo/Cubase: Spotting inside Folder tracks now possible also.
  • Nuendo/Cubase: Asian character support added
  • Transfer and Loading Database Panel: no longer center and dims screen in macOS11 and higher cuz so annoying! 😉  Placement is back to 10.15 style and earlier days.
  • macOS12: BH no longer hides after Transfer Panel Closes


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Great. Spotting and transfer all working in PP22 (having updated basehead panel). Look forward to giving this a tryout over the next couple of weeks.

One thing that would be great - to be able to spot a region, but retain it as a reference to the original file (rather than have it copy the whole file) if 'spot with handles' is set to 'full' and 'retain reference where possible is checked'.

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It's supposed to already in that case if "Reference File when Possible" is also checked ON and no plugins or pitch shifting or extracted is done.

If not...create a support ticket so we can look at it.  😉

and you really need the latest PPro panel as the new BH and it work in tandem.


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