EDU Discount information:

We do offer EDU discounts for students and teachers and schools.
Here are the requirements and info for each….

For Students:

  • The current EDU student discount is 25% and applies to Ultra and Standard new licenses!
  • You need to submit proof you are currently enrolled in an Audio, Video or Game program.
  • Proof can be a transcript, student ID etc….and must have a date on it!
  • Email the proof as an attachment along with what you’d like to purchase.
  • Also….You must mention BaseHead on two social media outlets and send us screen caps of it…hehe
    Twitter, FB, LinkedIn,  or any audio/video/game related forum you are a member of.
    Important: It needs to have a link to our website also in the posts to help drive future users to our site.
    You scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours   8)

For Teachers:

  • The current EDU teacher discount is 40% for Ultra or 30% off for Standard.
  • You need to submit proof you are currently teaching an Audio, Video or Game program.
  • Emailing from a school email address and mention of your name on the school website will work as proof.
  • Email the proof as an attachment or links along with what you’d like to purchase
  • Also….you must promise to show BaseHead as much as possible for in class presentations….8)

For Schools:

  • We offer heavily discounted licenses if you want to outfit the whole facility.  
  • It will be offered as low low subscription style licensing that is renewed yearly.
  • A small one time setup fee will also be charged that includes network USB dongle for the licenses.
  • Email us with the number of seats you’ll need and we will send you a quote.  8)
  • Also, let us know if you’d want to include the BaseHead Database Server with the quote.


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Gather your required documents and send it to with EDU Qualification Documents in the subject line.