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Registered Users ReadMe!
Each new Perpetual license gets 12 Months of free updates included.
Always make sure your Maintenance Period is still active before installing any new version. 
The build date needs to be before your Maintenance Period Ends.  You can see this date on both the Start Screen in BaseHead or the ‘My Licenses Page’ and also ‘Extend‘ if from there as well.

 OR you can just Download and use an earlier version of BaseHead that was created before your plan ended.  

Most Current Version:
Includes a 15 day 100% non-restricted Trial mode!

Build Date: February 18th, 2024

Maintenance Period Expired?

If you want the latest features w/ CloudPack Streaming back…Extend it!

Older Versions are Below….

IMPORTANT : If you are grabbing a version below cuz you just realized your Maintenance Period is expired and already installed a version above then make sure to Uninstall and Delete the old version first.  😉

Build Date: September 12th, 2023

Build Date: August 7th, 2023

Build Date: June 28th, 2023

Build Date: June 6th, 2023

Build Date: March 4th, 2023

Build Date: February 10th, 2023

Build Date: January 26th, 2023

Build Date: January 12th, 2023

Build Date: November 18th, 2022

Build Date: October 8th, 2022

Build Date: August 17th, 2022

Build Date: June 10th, 2022

Build Date: May 9th, 2022

Build Date: April 27th, 2022

Build Date: March 19th, 2022

Build Date: December  23rd, 2021

Build Date: December  9th, 2021

Build Date: November 29th, 2021

Build Date: September 24th, 2021
Windows 11 compatible now!

Build Date: August 12th, 2021 

Build Date: July 31th, 2021 

Build Date: May 25th, 2021
UCS Tagging arrives in this version. Process Panel Rack Overhaul, Wwise 2021.1 Support and more! 

Changes O'Plenty!

Click the version below to see detailed changes done for each of the above and to see why having a active Support Plan is ideal  😉

2023.8.02 - 2023.12.314


  • AutoPlay: We did a Critial fix for random crashes that started from the previous version.  Either use 2029.09 or this version.  No versison in between.  😉

2023.12.314 (Upgrade to build 317 if using this version)

  • PeekTree: We did a Critial fix for a huge performance related issue caused by an update to WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)  that Microsoft pushed out recently that would cause the PeekTree to refresh constantly dragging down performance in some cases.



  • Batch Renamer: Fixed conflict with UI Thread
  • FMT Chunk: Fixed issues with 7.0.2 and other higher channel width formats
  • Set the Mixer to not Ramp in for tightly cut files that don’t start at a zero crossing
  • CPM: Fixed ‘View in BaseHead’ Error with (S)erver databases
  • Nuendo 13 and Cubase 13 Support added.
  • RAM Database: Importing improvements done
  • CodeMeter: Did fix for Greyed out UI on some networks
  • Split Files:  Small search display fix done
  • License Fix: Changes .xml licenses to .key if downloaded wrong


  • RAM Database: CPM conflict fixed when Adding them to the Database


      • Collections: Fixed Scroll bar freeze issue after items were clicked.
      • Collections: Fixed issue not playing the first record clicked
      • Collections: Fixed pitchSlider issue when not set to S.R.
      • Details Panel: Hid old left over Context menu that was still appearing after a few right clicks.
      • Drive Remapping: fixed Results List drag and drop error when Drive Remapping was engaged.
      • REAPER: changed location of RPI Extension.  IMPORTANT: if you have the REAPER installed anywhere besides the system drive delete the old RPI manually inside this folder. \REAPER (x64)\Plugins\reaper_baseheadRPI.dll
      • CPM: Fixed Stripe purchase error caused by Stripe deprecating the old API calls
      2022.6.04 - 2023.02.10


      • CloudPack latency Performance increased 4 times
      • Fixed: ‘ReScan’ of imports that was causing only to scan 100 files when RAM DB was enabled
      • Markers: Asian character support added.


        • CustomCmd: Added a new one to skip Network Volume NAS Check
        • cubeSQL: Critical Importing fix done for when you import to a DB on the Server


        • MS Decoder Fix done
        • UCS: Added Support for new version UCS v8.2
        • CloudPacks: Improved latency for free packs when streaming them


        • CloudPacks:   Can reverse them now with Ctrl+R now
        • TextFile Import: Fix done for BOOM Library text files used to squirt UCS into files.
        • TextFile Import: Improvements with Logging


          • Licensing:  Fixed Server Addon bug some PC’s were seeing
          • MixMatrix: fix done for Quad file using 4 channel audio devices
          • Trial Mode Renewed
          • CloudBased Licensing: Doubled Certificate times


                • Imports:  Fixed an issue where rescanning an import could cause all files to be rescanned
                • Imports: Fixed when adding multiple import locations from a root path on portable drives the auto-generated macOS path could not easily be “drive mapped”
                • Details Panel: Settings icon is now visible for the Standard Edition now
                • Details Panel: When editing [track_title] with MP3 files this same value is also written to the [description] field in the Database now.


                • Fixed issue with OnScreen keyboards causing an Exception on launch
                • Drive ReMapping Panel: fixed small UI issue.
                • Fixed an issue where files with an iXML header without any metadata could not be written to
                • Fixed issue where rescan of imports could fail if date format of import differed from the OS date region format
                • Waveform: Small cache file fix done
                • ProTools 2022 Support added
                • Nuendo 12 Support added


                • Fixed Metadata importer was incorrectly prioritizing import of older legacy “aXml” data even if ixml/bext data was available
                • Fixed Incorrect “OR” condition (double || pipe) was added to the end of a user thesaurus search when searching using multiple thesaurus “AND” terms 
                • REAPER: fixed multiple file spotting issue that was placing objects on top of each other
                • Cloud.keys: Fixed DateTime issue when Cloud.key was dropped on Register page
                • CPM: login fix done for users with non-ASCII characters in their name


                • Timecode Change done for the HH: place
                • CPM: Fixed issue that GeoLocation service is down and and it  was disabling the Manager and Store Tabs


              • Cloud NAS: Optimizations done for Playback of files on LucidLink and Google Drive with File Streaming
              • Cloudpacks: Optimizations done by not allowing reverse playback now since needs to scan to the end of file and makes things slooooowww.
              • FLAC: Multi-Select Details Panel Metadata Edit fix done.
              • Groups: Fixed bug where it was not possible to change the group in the details panel if the group was not assigned a color
              • ‘Deep Character Search’  Fixed issue that it was toggling this setting on when a Missing Database is selected
              • Collections: Added the ability to drag a collection into another collection as a sub-collection
              • Collections: new right click menu item “Make Root Collection” that takes any folder and brings it to be a Root Collection.
              • Cubase 12 Support Added:  for spotting “S” and “X” added and ‘Follow Session Folder’.
              • Timecode: when found in the metadata the TimeDisplay switches to T.C. mode automatically and also the timeline on the Waveform shows T.C. values now with a toggle button that appears when T.C. is detected.
              • Options Page: new option ‘Optimize for Cloud NAS’– Turn this ON if using services like LucidLink or Google Drive with File Streaming to speed things up.


            • Rename Panel: fixed margin on Transfer controls so the don’t disappear when the app height is too low
            • REAPER: Spotting with Izotope RX file locking issue fixed.
            • Process Panel: Fixed pitch slider not working properly.
              rocess Panel: Fixed issue when multiple modular/large parameter plugins were loaded in effects slots
            • Launch: Internet Checks better for Offline Systems with an option now to Disabled them completely with a CustomCmd.
            2021.12.12 - 2021.12.22


            • Mix Matrix back to speakers * 10
            • Process Panel: More detailed and accurate VST Preset Store/Recalling for modular plugins
            • Source Nexus Integration added.  (FYI: This button is only visible if it’s installed)  We have 25% OFF coupon codes for Source Nexus also.  Ask if you need one.


              • Process Panel: Store/Recall of Presets fixed for Enrage VST and many improvements for preset storing of many other modular plugins.
              • Process Panel: Fixed a preset saving issue for rack/monitor presets that could cause some complex modular type plugins to not save their state
              • CPM: Shopping Cart bug fixed that was not sending emails
              • CPM: New Download available fix done
              • Import Panel: Removed Legacy Injector Indexes options.  This is set to ignore them now always. You can turn this back on from the Chunks Panel in aXML/Import
              • Importing: fixed problem that it wouldn’t let you Import a named imported without a selected folder
              • Licensing: Many improvements done in this area.


                            • PPro: Asian Character Support Added for “S” function. You’ll need to Update the Extension/Panel from Adobe Marketplace for the fix here.
                            • Nuendo/Cubase: It is VERY Important that ALL Nuendo/Cubase users re-install the SKI Plugin with the full installer to match this version.
                              • Nuendo/Cubase: Asian character Support Added. 

                              • New Option in Audio section of Option Page “Mono To Center Channel”  
                              • More Process Tails Options added up to 1 minute now.
                              • More Spot with Handles option lengths added up to 3 mins now.
                              • 14 day demo reset so everyone gets a fresh 14 days again.
                              • Zoom In speed increased if only Cloud Files were played compared to before.
                              • Spot with Handle Pro Tools Safeguard added and changed order slightly of “S” code
                              • New Audio Engine Option: ”Mono to Center Speaker”: when ON and more then 4 speakers are detected, Mono and Solo’d sources will play out the Center Speaker
                              • TurboActivate dll updated used for demo mode
                              • PPro: Removed _bhAudio subfolder
                              • Pro Tools: We remove the UMID in the bext Chunk if a unique name is copied to the Transfer Path now to stop Pro Tool from asking you to stamp the file.
                              • Details Panel: Auto-Complete doesn’t cover the next cell when TAB is pressed now.
                              • UCS: Strict UCS Search: added to UCS Options Menu.  When ON will search for exact UCS Compliant results when clicking a Cat/Subcat in the UCS List
                              • UCS: Two new functions added to UCS Settings Menu in the Action section “Display UCS Records” and “Display all Non-UCS Records” that do just that based on the current Results List shown
                              • UCS: new key command Shift+C will now show the UCS tab and put keyboard focus the the Category filter box
                              • Installer: Removed Webpage launch during install
                              • Spot with Handles and Referenced: did a fix for a problem when the Sample Rate of the Source and BH was set the same showing the wrong selected region.
                              • Fixed CloudPack files not correctly reverting back to online streaming when released from local download
                              • Fixed localized CloudPacks not auto-playing on first file selection
                              • Tooltips: Added longer delay before ToolTips are shown to 1 second. Somehow a .NET update made them one quarter of that about.
                                                      2021.9.18 - 2021.9.26


                                                      • Auto-login fix for first time launches
                                                      • CloudPacks: At least 4 times less lag with CloudPacks now!  Whooo!
                                                      • CPM: more improvements done.
                                                      • Increased VST scan timeout for WaveShell plutgin scanning for Waves V12


                                                        • Small change for WF Cache Issue
                                                        • The CPM is back online and better then ever!
                                                        • UCS v8.1 Template now included
                                                        • CloudPacks when localized, clicking the “green tick” in the PeekTree to release would instead cause the CloudPack to download again
                                                        • CPM: has option to ‘Localize’ as either BWAV or FLAC now.
                                                        • Waveform: Fixed when selecting a range on a streaming CloudFile and adjusting the left brace could cause a stuck playback loop
                                                        • Batch Rename: The source field rule was not working in the batch renamer
                                                        • CloudPacks: fixed issue when they would show as hidden if you did the first search before login was completed
                                                        • CPM Login: Optimized to be 2-3 seconds faster now
                                                        • Other Auto-Login Improvements
                                                        • Windows 11 Compatible now!  Whoooo!
                                                                      2021.7.04 - 2021.8.14


                                                                      • Results List: Holding Ctrl skips missing file check
                                                                      • Groups: Can drag CloudPacks to them now
                                                                      • Licensing: Fix done for Expired Maintenance Plan with Device Bound Licenses
                                                                      • Auto-login fixes done also
                                                                      • CPM Fixes done


                                                                        • CloudPacks: WF Drawing Speed improvements with LocalCached http files.
                                                                        • Collections/Groups: Offline files and Drive Remapped files can now be dragged/added into Groups and Collections
                                                                        • CPM: Fixed CPM window not showing on a new install on first run of BaseHead
                                                                        • CloudBased Licenses: a few certificate fixes done for it


                                                                              • Lite Edition: M/S Decoder button unlocked now
                                                                              • KillSwitches Added to shut off areas of the program under construction


                                                                              • Importing: fixed an issue related to new BaseHead Creator version that could be thrown when importing files to database
                                                                              • Collections: fixed an issue that folders would sometime disappear on some systems when dragged to them.
                                                                              • Collections: A backups the Collection .lib file once a day for the last 7 days now into folder ~Documents/BaseHead 5.x/Backups/Collections/
                                                                              • DB Backup now moved to this folder ~Documents/BaseHead 5.x/Backups/Databases/
                                                                              • Groups: When deleting a group the first dialog box would block further dialog boxes now fixed.
                                                                              • Options Page: scrollbars and resize improvements
                                                                              • GeoLocation Code added for the CPM
                                                                              • Lite Edition: Unlocked the Recent Search Node now to be visible now
                                                                              • Internet pings at launch reduced to speed up launch time.
                                                                              • As always some licensing improvements.

                                                                              2021.7.04 Hotfix

                                                                              • UCS Browser Category names with “&” characters were not displaying results
                                                                              • When using a server based database, “hidden” import libraries would still be viewed in results
                                                                              • More Cloud.key Licensing fixes
                                                                              • On License Drop fixed a false message for CPM Login
                                                                              • Importing fix done



                                                                              Lots of Solid fixes in this version!

                                                                              • Import Progress now shows when the Right SidePanel is shown
                                                                              • Remove Duplicate Records: fixed window cropped
                                                                              • Process Pane Rack (PPR):  Rack bypass switch would cause individually bypassed effects to unbypass incorrectly 
                                                                              • Options Menu: new Advanced Search Mode option added but now which  is the old 4 search box mode but now if unchecked will simplify things for people that don’t need all the crazy search options down to one box that searches in these fields [description] [filename][category][subcategory][comments] [notes]
                                                                              • Resizing the application small now automatically drops into a Simple Search Mode so everything collapses better now.
                                                                              • FLAC: replaced TAG reader with .NET Core compatible one and improved reading
                                                                              • FLAC: Can edit fields in the Details Panel Now. (BETA) 
                                                                              • CloudBased Licenses: Many improvements with Cloud License Pools with better Zombie protection built in now!  😉
                                                                              • BaseHead Server/cubeSQL: fixed multi-select issue
                                                                              • PrefsOverride.config feature added to all changing URLs in the future for old versions.
                                                                              • USB License Users:  You can now put your .key on the USB drive in a folder named or “BaseHead\Licenses” on the root of your Flash drive and it will search for it there and launch from there now so no need to copy it over to the local file system anymore.
                                                                              • Reverse File .wf issue fixed.
                                                                                            2021.5.26 - UCS Tagging Arrived in this version.

                                                                                            UCS Tagging now arrives in this version!

                                                                                            • MetaData Viewer: “F3” Resizes better now
                                                                                            • UCS TAB: Now can now drag and drop to UCS to tag files with Metadata and add CatID tags onto the front.
                                                                                            • UCS TAB Option: Add CatID to [filename]   This will put the UCS tag onto the front of the [filename] and update the Database also.
                                                                                            • UCS TAB: Burn into Metadata:  This will write to the Cat/Subcat in the iXML and whatever chucks you have turned on that apply to your file format
                                                                                            •  UCS TAB: will also show Explanations and Synonyms in the hover over Tooltips!  8)
                                                                                            • Process Panel Rack: Renamed program wide to avoid Copyright issues.  😉
                                                                                            • PeekTree: Fixed issue when an import was hidden when BaseHead was launched, unhiding would not allow focused CTRL+Select until restart

                                                                                            Lots of Imporvements for Wwise and CloudBased Licenses in this version…

                                                                                            • Wwise: added support for Wwise 2021.1.1 and did a hoard of improvements at the same time 😉
                                                                                            • Wwise: Added support for extra newly added BaseHead parameters since last Wwise update we did such as extra Solo/Mutes, 3 pitchSlider Mode  and the New VST Rack recalls also in this object.
                                                                                            • Options Page: fixed Server section animation
                                                                                            • Waveform draws now if the user goes directly to the PeekTree without searching first now for Xfers, History and Wwise nodes
                                                                                            • Missing Database Window:  fixed selected item view
                                                                                            • QAP: Stereo Dmix button fix done that was broken by code auto-refactoring mistake.
                                                                                            • BASS Audio exporting is more precise now that we chop off the extra buffers that were being added.
                                                                                            • CloudPacks: Fixed WF Cache Missing Error! That would appear sometimes when creating new _wfcache folders
                                                                                            • Notifications: date check change done
                                                                                            • CloudBased Licenses: It will grab the first available license from a Pool of Cloud.keys in the Licenses folder now for facilities to make it work more like Floating Licenses if desired.
                                                                                            • CloudBased Licenses: Has a Grace Period added so it will launch even if your internet is down OR our License Servers are down.
                                                                                            • CloudBased Licenses: Muy mucho intelligence added in when mixing and matching licenses.
                                                                                            • PeekTree: Un-Pinned issue fixed 
                                                                                            • Search: Fixed “NOT” searches being ignored when used in lower search boxes
                                                                                            • ListViews and Datagrid Header style updated and the same with Thesaurus and Auto-Complete Panels.
                                                                                            • Launch: finally located and killed white blob that appears at the bottom left while launching.  😉
                                                                                            • REAPER: fixed issue with files with Synpoints not spotting with “S”.   FYI: Syncpoints are still not supported in REAPER but we will be adding this in the next month or so.  😉
                                                                                            • Batch Renamer: Safeguards added when now source ‘Rule’ was added
                                                                                            • Fixed: Action buttons below PeekTree not displaying on first start sometimes.


                                                                                            • Group Header: Fixed dark text when using the Group Header feature
                                                                                            • Avid Media Composer: Basic Target App support added for Avid users now.  “Bring to Foreground” works and also to be able to see the [description] in the MC bin “xNOTE=” is also added to the front of the bext [description] so it will show in the “Comments’ column inside M.C.
                                                                                            • Groups/CloudPacks: fixed issue when a Group was hidden that some CP showed as having no files.
                                                                                            • PeekTree: now shows number of items inside closed Node of Importance.
                                                                                            • PeekTree: Collections.  Expanders removed and behavior update a bit to match recent changes done recently on Mac version.
                                                                                            • Wwise Node: changed transfer keycommand to Ctrl+E now to be the same as transferring back to BH from Wwise
                                                                                            • Collections: Improvements to saving while quitting BaseHead.
                                                                                            • DatabaseMenu/Import Files menu item working correctly again


                                                                                            • Process Rack:  More Preset fixes done.
                                                                                            • PeekTree: Right click menu fix done.

                                                                                            2021.4.12 (removed and replaced with 4.18)

                                                                                            • Process Rack: Major Changes done with Preset System.
                                                                                            • Process Rack: Monitor Section Added
                                                                                            • Process Rack: 16 slots now possible with Drag and Drop to Re-order
                                                                                            • Create ‘Import’ from Database window position fixed.
                                                                                            • Process Panel: Scrollviewer added
                                                                                            • Rename Panel: Scrollviewer added
                                                                                            • Marker Panel: Scrollviewer added
                                                                                            • New Key Command ‘V’ to toggle VST Rack  ON/OFF
                                                                                            • Process Rack: Right Click to Copy/Paste and Remove Plugins added
                                                                                            • Minimum BH Height set to 200pixels now to prepare for a new low profile mode.
                                                                                            • The Whole application collapses down better now with more improvements on the way  😉
                                                                                            • CodeMeter disconnected fully from EXE now unless you install the -CM version.
                                                                                            • Left Sidebar pin: when clicked to unpinned immediately closes panel now
                                                                                            • More bitmaps replaced with vector graphics
                                                                                            • Lite Edition:  Target App Support Unlocked for Lite users now minus “Spot with Handles” and “Follow Session Folder” “Auto-Switching Paths” etc…. But basic spotting can be done now
                                                                                            • Lite Edition: Spot to Track ‘S’ and Xfer to Bin ‘X’ unlocked for Lite Edition now
                                                                                            • Xfer Node: Target items were playing slow when the pitch sliders weren’t set to S.R. mode
                                                                                            • CPM: you can now set the ‘Local Path’ directly in BaseHead now when asked
                                                                                            • “Remove Spaces” code fired at the very end now to catch rogue added spaces.
                                                                                            • Thesaurus: Fixed some searches of multiple words using “Or” search instead of “And”
                                                                                            • Results List: Drag Delay reduced to 30 ms from 50ms
                                                                                              • Collections: DnD Bar fix done
                                                                                              2021.1.12- 2021.3.24 (UCS Support Added, Process Rack Changes and More!)


                                                                                              • New Major Change:  TheVST Rack you can now drag and drop to rearrange plugins and the start of a new preset system.  This is only 70% complete or now need for comments just yet as we are still sketching it all out  😉
                                                                                              • UCS Template:  Can read in any column order now
                                                                                              • UCS Template: Multi-language support added
                                                                                              • Details Panel: fixed User Definable Window on multiple display resolution setups
                                                                                              • CPM: setting the ‘Local Path’ on some rigs used to cause a crash. Fixed now
                                                                                              • Hide/Show Right Sidebar key command now also added (P).  Since this sidebar has a minimum width now we added this to allow hiding it completely now
                                                                                              • Batch Renamer: can double click to rename Presets now
                                                                                              • Internal Note: old UseAsync code removed 3.15
                                                                                              • Results List: Fixed issue that crept up in the last release that couldn’t drag to some DAW’s on some systems.
                                                                                              • Wwise: Fixed some problems with Wwise 2021 (See updated setup info in KnowledgeBase requiring WAMP port 12101 now.  We have more work to add full support for Wwise 2021 that will come soon.
                                                                                              • PeekTree: Fixed Wwise Transfer button click issue.
                                                                                              • Options Page: Scrollviewer added
                                                                                              • Results List: added 50 ms drag delay to prevent sloppy clicks from stopping playback.
                                                                                              • New Notification system added for new versions since no one reads the Start Screen it seems….haha


                                                                                                • New Major Feature: CPM Master DB Searching.   Allows your to compare your local Database to CPM results and audition them also before purchase directly in the Results List.
                                                                                                • New Major Feature: UCS Template added:  UCS import priority can be adjusted on the Chunks Panel
                                                                                                • New Major Feature: CloudBased Floating Network Licenses
                                                                                                • New Major Feature: UCS Tab for Browsing/Searching by Category. (Non-Lite Editions)
                                                                                                • Search: Browse Arrows Height/Width fixed
                                                                                                • UI color panel unification in progress so let us know if any colors are wildly out now.
                                                                                                • BaseHead Server: Error fixed caused by non-ASCII chars
                                                                                                • BaseHead Server: ‘Add’ with CPM the issue fixed.
                                                                                                • CloudPacks: fixed issue with icons not shown in M and L widths
                                                                                                • CloudPacks: Disabled “Localize” context menu for Free Packs as it was never allowed.
                                                                                                • FTS fix done for new Databases
                                                                                                • Demo Mode fix done when USB Missing Device window appears.
                                                                                                • Fixed: Some hidden commandbar buttons were still clickable in taglist and browser tabs
                                                                                                • Results List: Multi-select drag issue fixed 
                                                                                                • Fixed: Disabled thesaurus matches were causing BaseHead to crash if searched
                                                                                                • Font/Size: Moved from Options Page to Results List right click header now since only affected the Results List anyway.  The same control is coming to other pages/panels soon also to give you more control..
                                                                                                • Improvements done for first time users launching it the first time.
                                                                                                • Browser Page: Metadata viewer (F3) now works on this page
                                                                                                • Wwise: Settings icon reverted
                                                                                                • PeekTree: Icons added to each node.  Not sure if I will keep the colors yet.  Still playing around with ideas  😉
                                                                                                • PeekTree: “Playlist” renamed to “History”
                                                                                                • Fixed: when using a combination search such as Description+Filename the lower search filters were ignored
                                                                                                • PeekTree Width is user draggable/settable now and we ditched the S, M, L buttons since not needed anymore
                                                                                                • Database Menu/Refresh UCS Template Metadata – (Non-Lite Editions) New functions that replaces and Updates Category/Subcat Metadata based on the selected CatID Template.
                                                                                                • CPM: Fixed the manager tab CloudPack Free/Purchase selector was sometimes displaying the wrong group of libraries
                                                                                                • Bitmap graphics are now slowly being replaced by vectors for a crisper more clean look.
                                                                                                • Browser Page: Fixed an issue where files could not be added to the current database using the right-click option
                                                                                                • Fixed: When in windowed mode, the Waveform options menu would not display correctly all the time.
                                                                                                • Fixed: When selecting a file in the Browser tab then switching to the Results tab, using the DnD bar would cause a database error
                                                                                                • VST: fixed a preset recall issue seen on some systems.
                                                                                                • Start Page:  Latest News swamped out with true RSS feed now that can handle hyper links.

                                                                                              All CmStick Users
                                                                                              should get this hotfix version if not running the Lite Edition.

                                                                                              other changes…

                                                                                              • Lots of under the hood Licensing changes
                                                                                              • the start of a User Interface refresh begins  in this version.
                                                                                              • CPM: fixed issue where free CloudPacks would not show on a new install until database refresh was triggered
                                                                                              • Fixed: Absolute searching words within “quotes” should now be working as expected
                                                                                                “Q” now loops whole files also now and not just regions anymore
                                                                                                Fixed: VST effects were not being bypassed if a VST window was open and the “bypass all” option was selected




                                                                                                2020.12.104 (Speed Demon Searching Introduced)

                                                                                                Massive Search Engine Over-haul in this version along with major BaseHead Server Additions and also Nuendo 11 and Cubase 11 Support added

                                                                                                Full Change list below…

                                                                                                • Searches: Speed Demon Searching now with search 4-10 times faster now.  😉
                                                                                                • Search: sorts fully before displaying mac records returned now
                                                                                                • Search: two new combo searches added [FName]+[Desc]+[Kwrds] AND [FName]+[Desc]+[Cat]+[Kwrds]
                                                                                                • Database: extra indexes added that speeds up searches but the DB just got larger cuz of it, but Speed is King in BaseHead land .
                                                                                                • Database Menu/Indexing Options: for non-FTS mode tick on the combo searches you use often and then click “Rebuild Indexes” to update the database
                                                                                                • Enable RAM Database option for faster Deep Character Searching
                                                                                                • Results List:  Changed Datagrid mode to TableView mode since speed is the same now and doesn’t have annoying paging visuals.
                                                                                                • BaseHead Server: you can now ‘Rename’ and ‘Delete’ databases from BaseHead Clients if you have admin rights in cubeSQL.
                                                                                                • BaseHead Server:  a ‘Validate’ account is no longer required for first time connect when using cubeSQL 5.8 or higher
                                                                                                • BaseHead Server: ‘Rebuild Indexes’ possible from the Clients also now.
                                                                                                • BaseHead Server: Admins can now Upload Database to the Server from the client from the Database Menu when connected.
                                                                                                • Browser: better Store/Recall of last path on next launch
                                                                                                • CPM: no longer auto-hides if you logout and back in
                                                                                                • Split Files: improvements done with RFWP and Spot with Handles on for these file types.
                                                                                                • 192kHz files: temp fix done for files playing in reverse that jump back to the end till the audio engine makers fix it on their end.
                                                                                                • Mix Matrix: if the audio device only has 2 channels FILM order routed to right channel now
                                                                                                • Options Page: Removed “Disable CloudPack Caching” cuz CPM is no longer in testing phase.
                                                                                                • Fix done for 192khz files that hiccupped when playing in reverse by change stream creation order
                                                                                                • Trickle Down Feature: the Rename Description function “R” is now available for Lite Edition users
                                                                                                • Trickle Down Feature: the Standard Edition can now edit metadata in the Details Panel.
                                                                                                • Trickle Down Feature: The Chunk Panel (F4) is also now visible in the Standard Edition
                                                                                                • Trickle Down Feature:  The Standard Edition can now also add images to files in the Details Panel
                                                                                                • pitchFX Matrix:  This accidentally was shown for the Standard Edition.  It has been corrected to match the 2020 Comparison sheet. So Sorry  8(
                                                                                                • Rename Panel: Batch TAB hidden now if not Ultra cuz not needed.
                                                                                                • Chunk Panel: fixed LIST chunk double checkbox
                                                                                                • Variable Row Heights is now working with the new datagrid BUT the option is renamed to “Expand Rows Dynamically” in the Options Menu
                                                                                                • Extracted Channels and Solo’d:: now adds .A1 .A2 .A3 etc… onto the end of the newly created files
                                                                                                • Summed to Mono: adds a .M onto the end of the files
                                                                                                • Extracted Split Files: Now cleans up all old extensions when extracted and replaces it with .A1 .A2 .A3 etc…  in transferred files.
                                                                                                • Extract buttons:  clicking anywhere on the WF will hide them now if currently visible and the QAP is closed and a channel is not currently extracted.
                                                                                                • Sum2Mono: Works with Split Files also now
                                                                                                • Trial Mode: changed to verified trials that require internet to start the trial period
                                                                                                • Wwise: fixed missing properties file in the full installer that was preventing some functions and also renamed it internally
                                                                                                • BatchRenamer: fixed Rules file exception during loading.
                                                                                                • Browse Arrows: error fixed with that occurred only with (S)erver databases
                                                                                                • Imports/Search: fixed strange bug with one ‘Import’ if would try and rescan
                                                                                                • Bring to Foreground: holding the ALT modifier key doesn’t just disable this anymore.  It’s been changed to flip the state instead.  So if it’s OFF then holding ALT toggles it on temporarily.
                                                                                                • Bring to Foreground: forced ON for “S” and “X” functions like the old days cuz it’s only supposed to effect DnD
                                                                                                • Browser Page: fixed Offset issue when spotting with Ultra for whole files
                                                                                                • Imports/Rescan: fixes done for BaseHead (S)erver databases
                                                                                                • REAPER: fixed freeze issue with “S”  you must re-install the RPI plugin in the full installer.
                                                                                                • Results List: fixed issue of it initiating Drag and Drop when clicking the same record twice.
                                                                                                • Results List: fixed issue some controls not showing on first click
                                                                                                • Start Page: fixed focus issues an improved login UX
                                                                                                • Results List: fixed focus after searching to be improved
                                                                                                • Results List: font size recalled on next launch
                                                                                                • Results List: ugly dotted line removed from around highlighter records
                                                                                                • Details Panel: Removed two legacy Hide/Show right click menu items
                                                                                                • Database Menu: Added FTS Virtual Table Menu item
                                                                                                • Browser: Fixed some Spotting and RFWP and ‘Spot with Handles” issues
                                                                                                • Search: Improved Foreign European Character support thx to the new SQLite FTS Extension we added to the engine.
                                                                                                • Batch Renamer Fixed an issue that caused saved presets to not reload the first rule correctly
                                                                                                • FTS Fix done so actually works with ‘Groups’ / ‘Imports’ that are muted now
                                                                                                • Ctrl+F fixed to not show the XCEED Datagrid filter and back to the normal state.
                                                                                                • Options Page: “Use RAM Database” option added.  This will speed up DEEP CHAR searches and will only load the DB into RAM if this is enabled on the Results List
                                                                                                • Imports/Groups: fixed lag when Ctrl+Clicking them to do a focused search
                                                                                                • Waveform Drawing: detects broken .wf and rebuilds them automatically
                                                                                                • Audio Engine: Updated BASSenc and BASSFLAC Libraries
                                                                                                • BaseHead Server: Rescan Fixes done
                                                                                                • Marker Panel: Disables now if not the Results List
                                                                                                • a gang of other things I can’t remember right now.  This is one of the largest updates internally we have done in years!
                                                                                                • “Remove Duplicate Records” Improvements done
                                                                                                • CPM: Fixed Free CP’s that were not showing on first launch
                                                                                                • Fixed issue where in some cases an error was thrown when clicking search field drop down boxes
                                                                                                • Fixed refreshing the result list when doing a “blank search” to clear a search would take a long time to refresh the list


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