BaseHead Mac Downloads

Registered Users Read Me!
Each new Perpetual license gets 12 Months of free updates included.
Always make sure your Maintenance Period is still active before installing any new version. 
The build date needs to be before your Maintenance Period Ends.  You can see this date on both the Start Screen in BaseHead or the ‘My Licenses Page’ and also ‘Extend‘ if from there as well.

 OR just Download and use an earlier version of BaseHead that was created before your plan ended.   8)


Most Current Version
Includes a 15 day 100% non-restricted Trial mode!

Build Date: September 29th, 2023
(macOS 10.14 – 13.5)

Maintenance Period Expired?

If you want the latest and greatest features Extend it!

Build Date: July 29th, 2023
(macOS 10.14 – 13.5)

Build Date: June 27th, 2023
(macOS 10.14 – 13.1)

Build Date: June 3rd, 2023
(macOS 10.14 – 13.1)

Build Date: April 11th, 2023
(macOS 10.14 – 13.1)

Build Date: March 4th, 2023
(macOS 10.14 – 13.1)

Build Date: February 10th, 2023
(macOS 10.14 – 13.1)

Older Versions are Below….

IMPORTANT:  If you are grabbing a version below cuz you just realized your Maintenance Period is expired when you installed the above version the make sure to uninstall and delete the old version first.  😉

Build Date: January 31st, 2023
(macOS 10.14 – 13.1)

Build Date: January 12th, 2023
(macOS 10.14 – 13.1)

Build Date: December 22nd, 2022
(macOS 10.14 – 13.0)

Build Date: December 5th, 2022
(macOS 10.14 – 13.0)

Build Date: November 16th, 2022
(macOS 10.14 – 13.0)

Ventura Compatible Now!

Build Date: October 7th, 2022
(macOS 10.14 – 12.3)

Build Date: August 11th, 2022
(macOS 10.14 – 12.3)
Universal Binary works native with Apple Silicon also now.

Build Date: July 9th, 2022
(macOS 10.14 – 12.3)
Universal Binary works native with Apple Silicon (M1 Processors) also now.

Build Date: May 25th, 2022
(macOS 10.14 – 12.3)
Universal Binary works native with Apple Silicon (M1 Processors) also now.

Build Date: December 27th, 2021
(macOS 10.13 – 12.0)

Monterey fully supported as of this version.

Build Date: September 15th, 2021
(macOS 10.13 – 11.4)

Starting in this version 10.13 is the minimum requirement now.

Build Date: July 16th, 2021
(macOS 10.10 – 11.4)

Build Date: June 23rd, 2021
(macOS 10.10 – 11.3)

New CloudBased Licenses and UCS Tagging now! 

Build Date: April 19th, 2021
(macOS 10.10 – 11.1)

Changes O' Plenty!

Click the version below to see detailed changes done for each of the above and to see why having a active Maintenance Plan is ideal

2023.07.29 -2023.09.29


  • Cloud.key License Pooling: Fixed issue that if internet was not found with multiple cloud keys that the temp .cert file were not being used. “Remove
  • Duplicates” VACUUM command fix done.


  • Critical Drag and Drop Fix: macOS applications just recently started to read files when you drag over them instead of when you drop them on the program causing DAW’s to crash like REAPER and Nuendo.  We changed the code order to address this issue.  This is a must have version if you are on macOS13 or macOS12
  • CPM: Fixed Stripe purchase error caused by Stripe deprecating the old API calls
  • Drag and Drop:  Fixed Empty drag issue also.
  • Added special L-C- R channel order case
2022.05.25 -2023.06.03 (with Apple Silicon M1 Support Now)


  • Premiere Pro 2023 support added
  • Nuendo/Cubase Extended Support added
  • CloudPack latency Performance increased 4 times
  • Fixed metadata in Chinese not being stored correctly for MP3 files
  • Fixed issue where Chinese text could not be used for Collections or Groups
  • Fixed QAP downmix not updating the FMT data when files were exported which could cause Pro Tools to crash when reading the exported files
  • Updated integration compatibility for Spot to Track for Adobe Premier 2023+



  • Added BWAV header injection when transcoding MP3 files
  • RSS Start Page Fix done that was causing errors.
  • Dynamically Expand Rows fix done


    • Browser Tab: Fixed issue where files with _1, _2, _3 numbering on tail could trigger an error related to multi-channel files being expected
    • Browser Tab: Fixed when focus was set to the waveform, up/down keys would instead scroll the result list instead of Browser until a file was clicked again
    • CustomCmd: Added a new one to skip Network Volume NAS Check
    • Batch Rename: Fixed “Clear Text” rule not being allowed to  be set as only rule


    • MS Decoder Fix done
    • UCS: Added Support for new version UCS v8.2
    • CloudPacks: Improved latency for free packs when streaming them


    • DnD:  A Critical flaw was just fixed by the developers of the audio library engine we use that affected transferring


      • CloudPacks: Can reverse them now with Cmd+R now
      • DnD:  It doesn’t trigger ‘Bring to Foreground’ now till the Transfer Panel closes to help prevent premature mouse releases.
      • Text File Importing: better semicolon separator detection added
      • Text File Importing: Fixes done for new BOOM Library UCS Text file


      • Trial Mode Renewed giving aeveryone a fresh 15 days.
      • CloudBased Licensing: Improvements and fixes down and increased timeouts to slow internet connections.
      • CloudBased Licensing: Doubled Certificate times


      • Process Panel: VST2’s are now Working now for Apple Silicon.  
        Keep in mind that the VST2 needs to have a ARM64 package inside it so it needs to be a fairly newly compiled VST.  If yours are mostly older ones and not many are showing up after the scan after checking you have the latest version, then switch to Rosetta mode to be able to use them.   FYI: It will build two sets of VST plists and Preset folders.  One if in Rosetta (x64) and one for Apple Silicon ARM64.
      • MixMatrix: fix done for Quad file using 4 channel audio devices
      • CPM Search and preview allowed again for Apple Silicon chips.
      • Small UCS fix done
      • M/S Decoder: now enabled and allowed for Apple Silicon chips.
      • Plugin Rack: Fixed issue that Presets were not recalling till the UI is shown.
      • Pan Slider: Removed and not coming back cuz no one used it TBH.
      • Process Panel: Plugin Recall fixes
      • Process Panel: Flushes Plugin Rack fully now when Resetting the Rack or Disabling


      • Browser Page: Fixed an issue where sometimes the last selected file in result list would play when selecting files in Browser Tab
        Browser Page: Fixes ordering of files by field being reset when selecting a new folder
      • Licensing:  Fixed a Server Addon bug
      • Launch: Improved startup times for Internetless systems
      • UCS Browser: Fixed filtering by sub category not displaying results


      • Fixed:  Cloud keys could stop working when Maintenance Period ended
      • Fixed: Snapshots could sometimes recall with additional fields selected
      • Details Panel: Setting icon visible for the Standard Edition now
      • Details Panel: When editing [track_title] with MP3 files this same value is also written to the [description] field in the Database now.
      • Logic Pro: Fixed naming issue when Spotting with “S”



      • Fixed an error that could occur when certain metadata was included in a file and the file was transferred out of BaseHead after being summed to mono
      • Fixed issue where rescan of imports could fail if date format of import differed from the OS date region format
      • disableInternetCheck function added for Custom Commands
      • Licensing:  Fairly major fix was just done.  All users should update to this version as soon as possible.
      • CodeMeter: Changed Runtime for CmStick users to version 7.5


      • Fixed issue that BPM [field] wasn’t importing
      • CPM: login fix done for users with non-ASCII characters in their name
      • Fixed: rather rare bug that could cause BaseHead to crash when spotting some multi-channel files



      • Support M1 processors (Apple Silicon) Universal binary now.
        This version is considered BETA for M1 users.
      • IMPORTANT:  VST2 plugins are not compatible with M1 processors in this version. So if you need to use them, run this new binary with the ‘Open using Rosetta’ option till we make a VST3 library to use
      • Nuendo/Cubase SKI plugin updated to v2022.4.01 and is now a Universal library file.
      • REAPER RPI plugin updated to v2022.4.0 and is now a Universal library file.
      • macOS 10.13 Dropped like a hot potato.   It has reached EOL (End of Life) and is no longer supported by Apple anymore so only 10.14 or higher is supported now cuz too difficult to Support this OS and build with the latest development tools and add M1 (Apple Silicon) at the same time.
      • Process Panel: Fixed a preset saving issue for rack/monitor presets that could cause some complex modular type plugins to not save their state
      • Changed Mix Matrix to [speaker * chns].  This might cause distortion in UAD Apollos if I remember correctly from memory, but is way more correct for all other audio devices.
      • REAPER: RPI Plugin updated to v2022.4 to address spotting issue and also fix crashes when trying to spawn a second copy of Reaper.  Make sure to choose it to install in the full installer.
      • Collections: Added the ability to drag a collection into another collection as a sub-collection
      • Collections: new right click menu item “Make Root Collection” that takes any folder and brings it to be a Root Collection.
      • Removed old frameworks that are not compatible with M1 Processors that skinned the comboboxes and scroll bars and now using default macOS ones.
      • Since popup boxes and other controls are now set to macOS Standard controls.  We Highly recommend setting your Accent Color to “Graphite” for the best looking appearance now.
      • AAC plugin removed cuz they now play native in BaseHead now so no longer needed to play .mp4 files.
      • Cloudpacks: Optimizations done by not allowing reverse playback now since needs to scan to the end of file and makes things slooooowww.
      • Cubase 12 Support Added:  for spotting “S” and “X” added and ‘Follow Session Folder’.
      • Options Page: new option ‘Optimize for Cloud NAS’– Turn this ON if using services like LucidLink or Google Drive with File Streaming to speed things up.
      • CPM: Fixed issue that GeoLocation service is down and and it  was disabling the Manager and Store Tabs
      • Disabled UnPurchased SFX Previews of Apple Silicon M1 Processor since M1’s can’t use VST2 plugins.  So you will need launch it using ‘Open Using Rosetta’ for now if need to preview SFX.
      • Fixed:  _WfCache folder from being created when WF Caching was set to OFF
      • License Request also made to run on Apple Silicon.  Keep in mind if binding to a System CPU you need to run BaseHead in the same mode as License Request as two different CPU ID’s are possible.  The M1 and a virtual Intel one.
      • Timecode: when found in the metadata the TimeDisplay switches to T.C. mode automatically and also the timeline on the Waveform shows T.C. values now with a toggle button that appears when T.C. is detected.
        2021.11.23 - 2021.12.27 (first version with Monterey Support)


          • Licensing: Fix done for USB bound license
          • Licensing: (null) date fixed for Cloud.key
          • CPM: Shopping Cart bug fixed that was not sending emails
          • CPM: Fixed macOS error that was only code signed for macOS 11x+
          • CPM: New Download available fixes done
          • Destructive Editing: Fix done that showed the wrong dialog when zoomed in.
          • Import Panel: Removed Legacy Injector Indexes options.  This is set to ignore them now always. You can turn this back on from the Chunks Panel in aXML/Import
          • Database Backups: Backups were still being created even when database backup option was set OFF
          • Result List: Fixed an issue when scrolling with arrow keys through list, scrolling was not possible after clicking in the WF window until clicking back in result list



        • macOS 12 Monterey Support Completed!
        • macOS 11 (and higher): Fixed Details Panel Recall issue
        • macOS 12: BH no longer hides after Transfer Panel Closes
        • Nuendo/Cubase: Asian character support added
        • Nuendo/Cubase: You can now Spot “S” to Tracks inside folders.  You need to install the latest SKI pluging from the full installer again to over-write the old SKI plugin.
        • More Process Tails Options added up to 1 minute now.
        • More Spot withHandles option lengths added up to 3 mins. Now
        • 14 day demo reset so everyone gets a fresh 14 days again.
        • New Option in Audio section of Option Page “Mono To Center Channel”   When ON and more then 4 speakers are detected, Mono and Solo’d sources will play out the Center Speaker
        • Missing Device Window Labels fixed to show values again
        • USB/iLok Licensing fixes done.
        • TurboActivate dll updated used for demo mode
        • CloudPacks: Spot with Handles error fixed that was throwing up and error in Pro Tools
        • Process presets listed now in alphabetical order
        • Fixed some display issues with process effects slots
        • PPro: Removed _bhAudio subfolder
        • Pro Tools: We remove the UMID in the bext Chunk if a unique name is copied to the Transfer Path now to stop Pro Tool from asking you to stamp the file.
        • UCS: Strict UCS Search: added to UCS Options Menu.  When ON will search for exact UCS Compliant results when clicking a Cat/Subcat in the UCS List
        • UCS: Two new functions added to UCS Settings Menu in the Action section “Display UCS Records” and Display all Non-UCS Records” that do just that based on the current Results List shown
        • UCS: new keycommand CTRL+Shift+C will now show the UCS tab and put keyboard focus the the Category filter box
        • PPro: Fixed “S” and Permission issues with Premiere 2022
        • Premiere Pro: Asian Character Support Added for “S” function. You’ll need to Update the Extension/Panel from Adobe Exchange here.   
        • Steinberg DAW’s: Added future support
        • Installer: Removed Webpage launch during install
        • CloudPacks/HTTP: fixed Issue when tagging file after reselecting it
        • Audio Engine: Fixed hiccup at start of playback of Split Files
        • macOS12: fixed some UI errors
        • Permission fixes done for macOS 10.15 and higher
        • Fixed an error that could occur when selecting a UCS category after a search
        • Transfer and Loading Database Panel: no longer center and dims screen in macOS11 and higher cuz so annoying! 😉  Placement is back to 10.15 and earlier days.
        2021.9.17 - 2021.9.23


        • “Create Import from Database” fix done that some system had issues with it.
        • Cloud Waveform Drawing fixes.
        • “Build All Waveforms” speed optimizations
        • CloudPack Waveform Drawing fixes to improve lag by at least 400%
        • UI: hides the Right Side Bar icon and Cloud Master DB search if resized too small now.
        • CloudPacks: when not logged in shows correct message with clicked now

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        • macOS 10.10 – 10.12 dropped like a hot potato…haha  FYI: macOS 10.13 will be chopped in a few months as it is also End of Life already.
        • Collections/Groups: Offline files and Drive Remapped files can now be dragged/added into Groups and Collections
          • Improved Database Missing Logic
          • Fixed buttons on Incompatible Database Window
          • CloudPacks: Streaming speed optimized
          • Fixed a crash that could be caused if an invalid marker was detected in a file when selected
          • Cloud.keys: Deactivated License fix done
          • CloudPacks: Waveform Cache improvements done
          • Searchbar: When BaseHead was launched sometimes the “Simple Search” bar would display and not allow Advanced Search to display until window was resized
            • The new and Improved CPM is back Online!  Whoooo
            • UCS v8.1 Template now included
            • Big Sur/10.13  Removed old custom checkbox style since out of alignment on Big Sur but in exchange will look bright on 10.13 when unchecked but since more users are on 11.4 now then 10.13 we have to go with the newer OS on this decision.  😉
            • Removed 100k file import limit that bled in from an upcoming version into the full versions by accident….DOH!!  8)
            • CPM: has option to ‘Localize’ as either BWAV or FLAC now.
                • Fixed: issue that “BaseHead” was being written to [originator] on Edited files.  This should only appear for newly created files.

                • Text Alignment fix done when switching between Simple and Advanced Search modes
                • “Build All Waveforms” Improvements done
                        2021.7.23 - Collections fixes w/ Auto-backup added


                        • BigSur: Fixed Add new Collections panel look
                        • Details Panel: other UI changes
                        • Collections: fixed an issue that could cause the collection library to be duplicated when cancelling a collection import
                        • Collections: A backup of the collection library is now created on every launch of BaseHead with the extension .bak
                        • Collections: Duplicates of files could be added into collection folders
                        • Database Load with ‘Groups’ : Hidden ‘Groups’ display correct on first load now.
                        • UI tweaks
                        • Advanced/Simple Search Mode: Suppressed Indicator messages
                        • Search Count: fix for number in the Waveform view that was showing more then being displayed in the Results List
                        • CloudPacks Log in Move to Global Sheet and off the start Screen
                        • Lite Edition: M/S Decoder button unlocked now officially
                        • Markers: Clicking a marker in the list would not trigger playback, also renaming markers was only possible if “auto write” was enabled
                        • Process Panel: Clicking presets when FX Rack was disabled would wrongly load preset and effects
                        • Chunk fixes that were affecting UCS writing
                        • TitleBar Fix: Can doubleclick it again to make BH fullscreen
                                    2021.6.23 - 25 - New CloudBased Licenses and UCS Tagging!


                                    • Removed Recent Paths window since no one said they knew it even existed on the 2021 User Poll….haha
                                    • UCS Browser Category names with “&” characters were not displaying results
                                    • USB Flash Drive licensing fix done


                                        • Process Panel Rack: Major Changes done with Preset System.
                                        • Process Panel Rack: Monitor Section Added
                                        • Process Panel Rack: 16 slots now possible with Drag and Drop to Re-order
                                        • Process Panel Rack: Right Click to Copy/Paste and Remove Plugins added
                                        • Process Panel Rack: New Key Command ‘V’ to toggle Process Panel Rack  ON/OFF
                                        • Process Panel: Scrollviewer added
                                        • UCS Tagging is now possible via Drag and Drop to the UCS Tab.
                                        • Drive Remap: Fixed not being able to enter a location in the remap fields
                                        • Collections: The search filter wouldn’t persist when switching between collection folders
                                        • Avid Media Composer: Basic Target App support added for Avid users now.  “Bring to Foreground” works and also to be able to see the [description] in the MC bin “xNOTE=” is also added to the front of the bext [description] so it will show in the “Comments’ column inside M.C.
                                        • Wwise Node: changed transfer keycommand to Ctrl+E now to be the same as transferring back to BH from Wwise
                                        • Wwise: added support for Wwise 2021.1.1 and did a bunch of improvements at the same time 😉
                                        • Wwise: Added support for extra newly added BaseHead parameters since last Wwise update we did such as extra Solo/Mutes,  3 pitchSlider Mode and the New Process Panel Rack recalls also in this object.
                                        • Details Panel: [description], [track_title], [comments] and [keywords] expand 3x the height if less than 4 rows currently make metadata editing easier. 
                                        • macOS 10.10 – 10.13  fixes QAP buttons that were bleeding from behind the waveform for some strange reason.
                                        • Options Page: global permissions panel added that is helpful with 10.14 and higher
                                        • Lots of UI and color  improvements
                                        • Rounded panels removed if not running in DarkMode to stop white background from bleeding in
                                        • Permissions Panel added for 10.14 and higher to see and fix Spotting permissions for your DAW in one place.
                                        • CloudBased Licenses: will now run on a Grace Mode Certificate in case the Internet is down for up to 12 hours.
                                        • CloudBased Licenses: License Pools now work also allowing you to throw many .keys in the ‘Licenses’ folder and it will grab the first available one now.
                                        • Lots of UI color changes and Improvements.
                                        • Updated old online User Manual links to new KnowledgeBase
                                        • macOS 11.1 Big Sur: More Graphic fixes for buttons that were way out of alignment.  8(
                                        • 10.10 – 10.13 more graphic fixes for these soon to be dropped OSes so get on 10.14 now if possible people!  😉
                                        • Pro Tools: ‘Follow Session Folder’ and ‘Auto Switching Paths’ fixes done.
                                        • Process Panel Plugin Filter Search: It doesn’t search after each keypress anymore for speed if you have a ton of plugins.  It searches after you stop typing for 1 second now.
                                        • Top Left BACK button working with new PeekTree now
                                        • AddToHistory Node put on Main Thread now to prevent BS Message from appearing
                                        • Thesaurus: Fixed issue on some macs that would return no results with more then one search term
                                        • Audio Engine: Fixed pop/snap that some systems were seeing at the end of playback and also fixed re-trigger issues
                                        • “Follow Session Folder” Improvements done.
                                        • Paths Node: Improved Duplicate detection
                                        • USB License Users:  You can now put your .key on the USB drive in a folder named or “BaseHead\Licenses” on the root of your Flash drive and it will search for it there and launch from there now so no need to copy it over to the local file system anymore.
                                        • Options Menu: new Advanced Search Mode option added but now which  is the old 4 search box mode but now if unchecked will simplify things for people that don’t need all the crazy search options down to one box that searches in these fields [description] [filename][category][subcategory][comments] [notes]
                                        • VST3 Plugins prevented from being scanned better now till we add support for them.
                                        • Process Panel It was not possible to select a plugin from a slot after the first initial plugin scan.
                                        • Process Panel If no plugins have been scanned, clicking an effect slot will now cause plugin scanner window to open
                                            • Plugin Scanner will now not allow custom selection of VST3 folders (as they unsupported at this stage)

                                                      2021.4.11 - 2021.4.21


                                                      • UI Fixes and Improvements
                                                      • Search: Search boxes retain search term when clicking through Collection folders
                                                      • Collections: New node now works with non-ASCII chars and paths again.
                                                      • History Node:  small fix done with the settings


                                                      • Lite Edition: Unlocked Basic Spotting and Xfer “S” and Xfer to Bin “X” for this addition now also.
                                                      • Collections: better auto-saving
                                                      • PeekTree: scrollbar style added to look better on 10.10 – 10.13
                                                      • Collections: Can drag and drop direct from Collections now to Desktop or DAW
                                                      • Collections: Improved dragging from Results List
                                                      • Collections: Dropped items go in place instead of bottom of the list
                                                      • Bottom Left Search box: Recalls correctly and remove legacy no longer needed causing issues.



                                                        • New Major Feature: CPM Master Database Search direct in BaseHead now
                                                        • BaseHead Server: CloudPacks were not added to the correct user account when using cubeSQL. This has been resolved.New Major Feature: UCS Template added:  UCS import priority can be adjusted on the Chunks Panel
                                                        • New Major Feature: CloudBased Floating Network Licenses
                                                        • New Major Feature: UCS Tab for Browsing/Searching by Category. (Non-Lite Editions)
                                                        • Fixed: Linked search boxes were not showing results with Deep Search On
                                                        • Thesaurus: Disabling thesaurus matches was not working on some systems.  Fixed now.
                                                        • Fixed: Using the linked search boxes with a cubeSQL database would cause an error
                                                        • Fixed: When doing a search the first result in the list would be out of view
                                                        • Options Page Font Size/Style Selection moved to the Results List right click header now.
                                                        • Batch Renamer: “X” buttons that were missing on some rigs are showing again now.
                                                        • CmStick versions might not have been CodeSigned in the last full installer but are now again for sure.
                                                        • Build All Waveforms:  added tiny pause between records to fix Async issue
                                                        • Cloud.key- improved Internet Pings
                                                        • Rename Database: Cancel button fixed and also works with ESC to close it now
                                                        • PeekTree: “Playlist” renamed to “History”
                                                        • Browser Page: Metadata viewer (F3) now works on this page
                                                        • Fixed: CPM window was opening half outside the screen on some systems. Should auto-centre now.
                                                        • Database Menu: New function ‘Refresh CatID Template Metadata’
                                                        • Database Menu/Refresh UCS Template Metadata – (Non-Lite Editions) New functions that replaces and Updates
                                                        • Category/Subcat Metadata based on the selected UCS Template.
                                                        • CPM: Fixed the manager tab CloudPack Free/Purchase selector was sometimes displaying the wrong group of libraries
                                                        • Start of UI refresh by replacing bitmaps with Vector Graphics.
                                                        • Main Tabs style and Command Bar updated
                                                        • PeekTree Width is user draggable/settable now and we ditched the S, M, L buttons since not needed anymore
                                                        • Markers: can set Cue Markers with “M” when zoomed in now
                                                        • Groups Panel: recalls last color clicked on next launch
                                                        • Search Back/Forward Button fix done that not working on some systems
                                                        • Batch Renamer: Presets colorized to look better across all versions of macOS
                                                        • More UCS Fixes done including better Refreshing of UCS Metadata
                                                        • PeekTree Massive Control Refresh (in Progress)
                                                        • Start Screen: Latest News HTML swapped out with RSS feed 
                                                        • CPM: setting the ‘Local Path’ on some rigs used to cause a crash. Fixed now
                                                        • CPM: fixed issue with missing library from build server
                                                        • CPM: F12 key command added to menus to help Show/Hide
                                                        • pitchSlider: double click and command+click when in S.R. mode resets to the [sample_rate] now instead of to the lowest value possible
                                                        • Notification System added for New version Downloads.
                                                        • Key command ‘V’ will Toggle VST Rack Enabled/Disable State now
                                                        • Right SideBar has set a minimum size now and also a new expander to hide/show it AND also the “P” key command to do the same now.  😉
                                                        • UCS: Multi-Language support added
                                                        • More bitmap graphics changed to vectors
                                                        • Snapshots: Fixed result list snapshots not correctly recalling on restart
                                                        • CPM: you can now set the ‘Local Path’ directly in BaseHead now when asked
                                                        • Rename Panel: “Remove Spaces” spaces done for Region files
                                                        • Marker Panel: many improvements done
                                                        • Marker Panel: fixed Spectrum Meter issue with it
                                                        • Fixed UI Styles for macOS 10.10 to 10.13 by reverting back to old custom controls
                                                        • Button styles are all unified now.
                                                        • “Q” now loops whole files also now when in reverse and not just regions anymore
                                                        • CloudPacks: “Localize” right click menu is disabled now cuz was never possible
                                                        • BaseHead Server: many improvements done.
                                                        • Collections: Fixed issue with node in PeekTree hidden on launch
                                                        • Fixed: Fixed a crash that could occur when using the “-” switch in a search
                                                        • Many other under the hood fixed and tweaks
                                                        2020.12.103 (Speed Demon Searching version)

                                                        The best thing to come out of 2020.
                                                        Searches are 4-10 times faster now. 😉
                                                        Read all about the new Speed Demon Search changes in the site blog

                                                          • Speed Demon Search search speeds now as the new default search mode!
                                                          • Deep Character Searching (the old mode) is as an option now.
                                                          • New RAM Database Option on the Options page to speed up Deep Character searches if you prefer that mode
                                                          • Database Menu/Indexing Options: for non-FTS mode. Tick on the combo searches you use often and then click “Rebuild Indexes” to update the database to gain extra speed.
                                                          • Big Sur: fixed final major UI crash and graphical error that we know about
                                                          • Full Installer: Fully Notarized now also for 10.15 and higher finally! 
                                                          • Fixed CODESIGN ERROR Crash caused by old Auto-updater changing the info.plist for some strange reason.
                                                          • Searching: Sorts now before displaying results
                                                          • BaseHead Server: you can now ‘Rename’ and ‘Delete’ databases from BaseHead Clients if you have admin rights in cubeSQL.
                                                          • BaseHead Server:  a ‘Validate’ account is no longer required for first time connect when using cubeSQL 5.8 or higher
                                                          • BaseHead Server: ‘Rebuild Indexes’ possible from the Clients also now.
                                                          • BaseHead Server: Admins can now Upload Database to the Server from the client from the Database Menu when connected to cubeSQL
                                                          • Reverse Playback “Q” improvements done
                                                          • Imports/Groups: fixed lag when Cmd+Clicking them to do a focused search
                                                          • Audio Engine: Updated BASSenc and BASSFLAC Libraries and also main BASS library to prepare for ARM processors
                                                          • Marker Panel: Disables this panel now if not on the Results List since not possible.
                                                          • Fixed: Certain Wav files could cause BaseHead to crash when selected
                                                          • Nuendo 11 & Cubase 11: Support added for these fine Steinberg DAW’s
                                                          • Options Page: removed Option for “Case Sensitive Euro Searches” cuz no longer needed with new FTS engine
                                                          • Browser: Marker panel is now disabled for Browser page as markers can only be managed from peak tree for files in your database
                                                          • Fixed: Creating a new database could cause BaseHead to crash in some cases
                                                          • Rename Panel: Transfer section UI recalls better now
                                                          • Split Playback: “Q” issue fixed
                                                        2020.11.95 (First Big Sur Compatible version)

                                                        Major Change is Big Sur Compatibility with this verison
                                                        This the first version will launch and run under
                                                        macOS 11.0.  We fixed many graphic issues but it needs more work and needs some stability fixes as well.  Give us a shout if you find something not working that was in 10.15 or 10.14 but this version “should” be about 95% compatible now.


                                                        • Start Screen: Can TAB to password box now from the email one
                                                        • Details Panel: Can TAB to next entry again now when tagging and entering in values.
                                                        • CPM: communication improved between BH and CPM
                                                        • REAPER: Spotting placed on main thread now to improve stability after “S”
                                                        • REAPER: RPI plugin updated to version 1.3
                                                        • “Spot with Handles” (FULL) no longer tags the region name onto the end of the file
                                                        • Trickle Down Feature: the Rename Description function “R” is now available for Lite Edition users
                                                        • Trickle Down Feature: the Standard Edition can now edit existing metadata in the Details Panel.
                                                        • Trickle Down Feature: The Chunk Panel (F4) is also now visible in the Standard Edition
                                                        • Trickle Down Feature: The Standard Edition can now also add images to files in the Details Panel
                                                        • Options Menu: “Fixed Row Heights” item renamed to “”Expand Rows Dynamically” and when ON now show multi-line [description] and [track_list] if exists in the record.
                                                        • Extract buttons:  clicking anywhere on the WF will hide them now if currently visible and the QAP is closed and a channel is not currently extracted.
                                                        • Extracted Channels and Solo’d: now adds .A1 .A2 .A3 etc… onto the end of the newly created files
                                                        • Summed to Mono: adds a .M onto the end of the files
                                                        • Extracted Split Files: Now cleans up all old extensions when extracted and replaces it with .A1 .A2 .A3 etc…  in transferred files.
                                                        • Trial Mode: changed to verified trials that require internet to start the trial period
                                                        • Wwise: renamed properties file internally
                                                        • Bring to Foreground: holding the Command modifier key doesn’t just disable this anymore.  It’s been changed to flip the state instead.  So if it’s OFF then holding Command toggles it on temporarily.
                                                        • Bring to Foreground: forced ON for “S” and “X” functions like the old days cuz it’s only supposed to effect DnD
                                                        • Fixed Results List/Peek Tree Hide/Show Controls for non-lite versions.
                                                        • Start Page: no longer tries to auto login unless both email and password are filled in on launch
                                                        • BaseHead Server: Legacy Validate Window removed.
                                                        • BaseHead Server: when connected can Upload Databases to it now from BaseHead Clients
                                                        • Search: added two now combo searches to select from now 
                                                        • Details Panel: Removed two old legacy menu items

                                                        Need an Older Version?

                                                        Last v2020 Installer
                                                        Build Date: November 24
                                                        , 2020
                                                        (macOS 10.10 – 11.0)
                                                        This is also the first official BETA Bur Sur compatible version

                                                        LICENSE REQUEST

                                                        (helper tool used for non-CloudBased Licenses once a license is purchased)