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[Solved] Warn if file already in session / spot available [Fix in current versions]

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The "create unique filenames" thing is nice to prevent session corruption by re-copying, but I would prefer not to clog up my session with duplicate sounds.
Wouldn't it be great to have BH warn you if you have already copied a file to the session before?
It could scan for the filename and let you know if there is either the complete file, or a snippet, available, and ask you whether you would like to proceed copying and spotting the new file/selection, or maybe even spotting the referenced clip already in the DAW?
So you don't import the same door 30 times until you get it...

Especially in long episodic TV work this does happen and clogs up the session. (ambiences for example)

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Going thru old requests now and doing some house cleaning...

The limitation of having to have "Create Unique filenames" ON for Pro Tools was removed over a year ago cuz Avid finally fixed the bug of missing files on next launch. Well at least in this case.

So if you turn it OFF it will try and spot the file already in the Transfer folder first for a while now.


BUTTTT keep in mind that DAW's lock files so we always suggest making a copy cuz you will get errors writing markers or ending metadata etc....


Yep. In yet another rival product, this is called "Intelligent file transfer" and seems to work ok. 



I know a rival product, that spots a sound again and again to ProTools, but does not copy the sound file more than one time. The feature is called "Do not copy existing files". Other option is "Overwrite existing file". Well, that's cool! Perhaps that's why the other software is so buggy...