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[Solved] Renaming Description

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Hello everyone,

I stumbled across this message while trying to rename a description. I'd like to know what this error message 
actually means. it's just a wav not a "split file" or anything.

Jason 08/06/2023 3:25 pm

The message is because BaseHead thinks the file is a split file due to the filename ending with _1. Do you have the following option enabled as this causses BH to detect spits using the end character of the filename like above instead of iXML data 


gmsounddesign Topic starter 11/06/2023 6:21 am

Thank you Jason.
Interesting, but No, that option is not enabled in my case.
Tho the files are actually named SI-L2-WATER_58_2.wav and SI-L2-WATER_58_1.wav
(like many others...erf.)

gmsounddesign Topic starter 11/06/2023 6:53 am

Mm weird. Tried same operation on files with same nomenclature. like "SI-FOLEY1_1_1" and "SI-FOLEY1_1_2" 
And their description can be modified without error...

Edit: Happens only to mono files named as such.

1 Answer

It's cuz Split files can have _1.wav, _2.wav, _3.wav, _4.wav ending also.
I just removed this safeguard in the code on PC.

So version 2023.6.17 or higher will no longer prevent this.  8)