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Taglist Page: Full Redesign coming. Feature Requests being taken now!

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Hey guys!

We are redesigning a gang of panels right now.  First up is the Taglist Page for discussion since it's long overdue for a refresh.  We are you dream additions or future features for the Taglist Page?

Here is what we already have changed OR Added newly behind the scenes...

  • Multiple Taglists are now possible and saved off as easily sharable .XML files.
  • No need to save them anymore and this is done as you go now automatically.
  • All Taglist's found at launch in the new Taglists folder will show and be selectable from the Taglist Page.  Loading no longer needed as they will all be at your fingertips now. 
  • The Taglist Tab will show what List is currently selected and also how many untransfered files on it currently.
  • Ability to select if Processing/Transfering to be either Pre or Post Tagging now.
  • The stored objects on the Taglist will now containing all the info to Process on the way to your DAW now so you don't have to wait for each to transfer before Tagging more objects.  All the waiting can be done at the end so Tagging is faster if you choose to work this way to not slow down your flow as tagging will be as fast as referencing audio files.
  • Ability to share Lists easily with your Team.
  • Items will be stored a Database ID's now to allow full metadata viewing and other benefits of a DB Driven Datagrid....etc...

Speak up now if you have some suggestions about the TAGLIST.
Other areas will be discussed soon so for right now only leave comments about the Taglist  😉

Steve T.

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This all nearly completed BUTTT will come in the next major version of BH.

To preview it sign up to be a BETA tester here if you are an existing user.