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I copied my Basehead Catalog(s) to a fresh (local) drive along with the databas. Now the sounds all report "media offline" What's the secret?

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If the drive and paths you copied to are exactly the same as before then everything should work (as long as you were using the "Path" option for the library and not "DriveID" 

If you select a file that says it is offline, check the FOLDER (windows) or PATH (mac) of the file in the database and see if it matches the current path you have for your files: 

If you use the "DriveID" option when you import files this uses a serial of the drive instead of the drive letter, this is usually for USB drives that may change drive letter but this will break if you change the physical drive. 

If the path has changed (such as the drive letter is now E:\ instead of D:\ or you placed things in a new sub folder) then you will have to use the drive remap function to either create a simple remap rule, or update the folder/path in the database. 

See this page for details on that (under Advanced options, there is a video tutorial also):