CloudBased Licenses:
If you have a Cloud .key file already running on your system, then most likely all you need to do is just re-launch BaseHead to see the new features just unlocked and no need to read anymore on the this page.  If you are not using CloudBased .keys yet then it’s highly recommend to switch to them.

USB/iLok and and System bound Licenses:

If this order was initiated via the ‘My Licenses’ page you should already see your upgraded license in your account BUTTT you will need to ‘Download’ the updated .key file and Replace the old one in your ‘Licenses’ folder and Done!

~Documents/BaseHead 5.x/Licenses



You can also just launch BaseHead and click the ‘Register’ button from the Start Screen.  


and then in the Offline Activation section drop this .key file  on the button that says…’Drop License .key file HERE!’ and it will copy to the correct folder for you and you “should” then get a message your are Authorized and Ready to Rock yo!  😉

 Also…It’s probably best to delete your old license files in the ‘Licenses’ folder  to avoid possible future issues.


CodeMeter CmStick/Network Lienses:

If we have your Context file already on file,  just sit tight and you will be notified when the updated license has been deposited into your account.  If not, we will send you a message that we need a new License Request and then use the tool below.

After you launch it click the CmStick option and choose ‘Create File’ and send the file it creates to with your order number from the email that is in your BaseHead, LLC account.  Once we receive it and write the license into your account you will be emailed a notification how to retrieve it.

Download License Request v4.0 at these links.

Ran into some Issues or need some help with Licensing?

Send an email to with your problem and we will sort you out as soon as possible.  😉
Non-licensing problems should follow the links below instead to get help.


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