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[Solved] VST3 Support (Already on the Roadmap)


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Many new plugins are only coming out with VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. Having VST3 would make workflow much more seamless to process files.

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This is in the pipeline for the future. Cannot predict when exactly but it is a high priority.


Yeah just like Jason said....
We are already totally planning on it cuz we can't draw VST2 UI's on Apple Silicon chips cuz it uses a Framework that Apple killed off so macOS users will need to open BaseHead in Rosetta to be able to use VST2's at the moment.  
Even Steinberg ditched VST2 recently so it's totally time to move on from that old tech for both our PC and Mac versions.  😉

Just trying to find the time cuz we need to make our own custom VST3 library from scratch as it's a complete re-write compared to VST2 so it will probably take over a month to do easily once started...uughhh


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