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Like-wise Kraken or Wave Agent do, I wonder if there is any option to see Timecode counter running simultaneously with main counter.



Thanks in advance.

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So this feature is now available in the latest BaseHead PC release (macOS coming soon). 

For files that contain non zero timecode data in the timecode meta field, this will be detected by BaseHead and will display a new "TC" button below the time display in the playback control area. This can be used to then toggle the timeline display between file length and timecode display and the main time display will also reflect the position in the file. 

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It's handy for dialogue editing.





I think this would be good idea to add for sure.

We could change the top counter number to Timecode and change the remaining below it from time remaining to time in seconds 



Will that work?  
FYI: the mac version currently doesn't have the two sets of numbers in the above picture but that will come in the next major version.  😉

Has this gone any further? Would be very nice to have indeed. A larger readout would be better but even if what Steve has suggested above was available, it'd be of great help...

I just told my one coder to add that this week since won't take that long.

Another question:

we should probably change the Timeline numbers  also with the same offset correct?


Yes please! Ideally it'd be some kind of a toggle between regular time display in both places and timecode.


The T.C. option was also just added to BH Mac 2022.5.19 that was posted yesterday.
See the 2022.5 Blog post for info on it.

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