Parity between sear...

Parity between search results and browse tabs  



I would like to see the same functionality found in the search results reflected in the browse tab.  This would include random playback (right now pressing ? in the browse tab plays a random sound from the results tab which is confusing), as well as the ability to see the contents of sub folders and the contents of multiple selected folders.

I keep my libraries well organized on disk and may know exactly where the set of sounds I want resides, so I often prefer to search for sounds in a specific folder structure rather than using keywords.

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Exactly this 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 

Most of my SFX are in folder trees. I don't remember their file names but I know where the reside and in which folder.


BaseHead is a database driven piece of software.  All the advantages are to use the DB.  The Browser Page is just a bonus add-on mainly.

that being said.....'Explode Imports' is a feature on the way and in the top 5 of things to do that will allow you to browse and drill down search/browse inside 'Imports' directly from the PeekTree

In your case this will make the Browser Page obsolete I think.  😉
Think Mediabay's left tree panel if you ever saw it.

When 'Explode Import' arrives you won't look at the Browser page anymore.  At least that is the plan   😉

but it's a massive task when dealing with wonky TreeView controls and I'm glad I'm assigning someone else to code this one....haha


BTW: "?" (random) was just disabled on non-Results List Pages on macOS cuz that was a bug that was just fixed in build 5.2.12


I constantly use the "Imports" node. Every time I add a new library, I just bring it in as a new Import. I then have all my various libraries listed by top-level folder, so I can show/hide specific folders in the search results - but still part of the same database. In the event I find a result in a folder and want to see only the other things in that folder, I use Alt+F (Show Folder Contents). So I really think the only thing missing is the "Explode" functionality you mentioned.

The great thing about MediaBay's left tree panel is that it only shows child folders that have relevant database objects - so even if you start drilling down purely by directory, it ignores the documentation folder, EULA, readme.txt, etc. I would love to see it done that way.