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Feature Request: Tools for updating our db to UCS categories


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UCS is here in BH and if we want to take advantage of it some dedicated tools are needed. Our huge personal catalogues are too big to be made UCS compliant manually.

1. Should be nice to know somehow if a record match the UCS Tree. By color, or by a special marker

2. Should be nice to get a list of non UCS records and another list with only UCS compliant

3. An algorithm capable to suggest one or more UCS categorization for any non compliant records based in previous categorization. For example in my db I kept [subcategory] empty and I used to write in [
category] both values. For example “Ambience - Rural”.

should be wonderful if BaseHead could analize category and subcategorY and be able to suggest an UCS compliant cat/subcat also if the previous categorization wasn’t UCS. For example, BH tells to the users: I found x records with this same cat/subcat that doesn’t belongs to any UCS; I think this could be assigned to the following xxxxx; Would like to update it with BH suggestion or with a personal rule?


Waiting for your opinion


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And of course. The ability to create a NEW catID not included in UCS based on a record selection or multiple selection.