We could use some help from our friends across the globe to compare different Google Cloud Platform server speeds.
The same 24 files were placed on 7 different Google Cloud Platform servers to use for testing performance.

First things first…

If you have ran the CPM in the past, you should delete all the settings and let them rebuild since we are still changing the database format.  Just delete the below CPM folder

PC Location:
~AppData\Roaming\BaseHead Inc\CPM

Mac Location:
~Application Support/BaseHead/CPM

then launch BaseHead and immediately turn ON the new setting “Disable CloudPack Caching” on the Options page for a proper test to be done.  If this is off the 2nd time your play any file it will not stream and play from an already downloaded location so we need to turn this off for testing.  It will still download and use the waveform cache files but that is fine.

Next download the SpeedTest.db and one of the versions of BaseHead below and drop this database inside BaseHead and you will see all seven GCP servers in the ‘Groups’ node.


Next choose the U.S. Multi-Region to show the 24 files in that location and click down the list once to get acclimated and this  will also download the .wf files.  Once you get thru the list select the next nearest server and click thru again and then back the the U.S. Multi-region and compare latency and speed and feel and let us know the results!  Compare between 3 servers listed below for your location.



Users in the Americas:
Just test these 3 servers to see if you notice a difference between them



Users in the U.K. and Europe:
These are the three servers to compare



 Users in the Australia, New Zealand and Asia:
These are the three servers to compare

If possible, try checking it three times about 4 hours apart and send us your thoughts on the average of the results.  We are trying to determine what other servers we need to copy all the SFX to before launch but each server/region doubles the price of hosting so we want to make sure it’s absolutely needed before we spin up extra money bleeding servers…haha

Example: We have heard from a few Australian users that the Asian server feels near the same performance as the Australian.  Also we can barely tell the difference between all the U.S. ones on our end here in Los Angeles, but we’d like to here your findings also.

Send your results to with the subject title “Speed Test from <enter your location>” 
Make sure to tell us what city your are in.  😉

thx for the help Y’all!