Ready to upgrade to Premium Edition of basehead?

 Here are just some of the features that you can unlock…

  • Advanced Search Modes
  • Deep Character Searching
  • Ability to transfer multiple files at once
  • Multi-Channel Extraction , Sum2 Mono and File Reversing
  • Advanced Target Naming and Batch Renaming Options
  • File Reversing before Transfer
  • Database Hot Swapping and Database Sharing
  • Full Metadata Editing with Batch Renamer.
  • Higher Transfer Sample and Bit Rates
  • Groups and Import Rescanning
  • NodeTree and Results List Snapshots
  • Collections and  Process Panel
  • pitchFX Axis and Performance Take Recording.
  • M/S Decoder and basehead Connect DAW plugin
  • Destructive Editing and Split File Support
  • and Sooo Much More!

    Check out the Full Comparison Chart Below



Want to  See all Recent Major Changes?
It’s been a long 3 years of a re-write and we think you will dig it!  8)

FYI:  We are a bit in a transition phase at the moment.  If you purchase a new Perpetual License you can either use the older Released version or the 2024 Public BETA with the same licenses.