BETA Tester Getting Started

So why a new version?

We started BaseHead nearly 20 years ago as better alternative to what was out there at the time.  This time instead of just making it a better version of an existing product we decided to completely rethink it all from the ground up.  

We are bringing the old code and logic over brick by brick while also deciding how to make it’s placement better or if we will still need it at all in 2023.   Every single bit is being fully analyzed and scrutinized in the process. 

It’s now using a brand new high tech Cross-Platform C# .NET6 Engine that is near pixel perfect on PC/Mac that we are seeing massive performance increases with also.  This new UI will also run on Linux, iOS, Android and in a Web browser if we choose to ever go down those routes in the future.  Also since we are on this new unified framework it will allow us to progress faster with even more game changing features, be more agile and should serve us well for the next 20+ years.    8)

Read this to understand how we plan to work at first.

Soo…..The first versions you see might be just a video of certain areas to discuss.  We will probably take it section by section, panel by panel only to start.  So we will post a video on say the new ‘Taglist’ and we will all play with that and talk about that area only.  Then maybe next will be a video on the new Search Bar/Blocks and we just discuss that only till completed and so on and so on..

The reason why is that many areas are 60-80% complete using faked data sets and we are already fully aware of that already.  So to not waste your time reporting things it’s best we start with everything more isolated and compartmentalized at the beginning. Some panels will be completely hidden till ready to be discussed. Once we think the program is 95% completed we will do more of a free for all testing/bug reporting. 

We will create a new channel per feature to currently discuss prefixed by the word focus-

NOTE:  You will be able to use your same license as long as you have an active Maintenance Plan to start using the BETAs.  We will extend them complimentary during the BETA phase if you are contributing positively and often on the SLACK channels.  😉

Before getting started check the full list of changes that are coming. There are loads of new features, some obsolete features being dropped and a list of what is currently in development and what is being developed.

We will update the appropriate channels with new information but as development progresses this list will be updated to reflect development focus so be sure to check back for the latest info.