Ready to upgrade to Premium Edition of BaseHead?

The Creator Edition has a limited feature set.   Are you thinking on moving up to a Premium Version now?

Here is a list of features that unlock just in the Lite Edition…

  • Unlimited local files.
  • Advanced Search Modes
  • Deep Character Searching
  • Ability to transfer multiple files at once
  • Channel Extraction and Sum2 Mono (Need to check on both PC/Mac)
  • Target Naming Options
  • File Reversing before Transfer
  • ReWire and Source Nexus Support
  • Database Hot Swapping
  • Renaming of Descriptions in files
  • Browser Page
  • Higher Transfer Sample and Bit Rates
  • The PeekTree Paths Node
  • Results List Snapshots
  • Ability to Edit in an External Wave Editor
  • Server Add-on Support
  • M/S Decoder
  • UCS Importing and other PeekTree Settings
  • as SO SO Much More!! 













Want to Compare all the versions?
See all the options on the the main Product page.
Spoiler Alert:  Ultra Edition is the best.  8)

Already sold on Upgrading?
Purchase an Full License, Install it, set your prefs, select your Creator Database and you will then be up and rocking with far less limitations!