So after testing 8-10 forum engines and lots of reading I’ve decided on where this community will go. It was really hard choice cuz even though Google+ has some flaws it’s hard to beat that engine. It’s simplicity is also what makes it’s special. Nothing else out there is this modern feeling and FaceBook’s engine is a complete joke compared to it….haha

The new forum engine based on WPForo and is embedded in this new website so can only be accessed if you have a user account already created on the new site. This was desired on very much on purpose to have a single login and make it more private… 😉

It has a four different layouts but only only one of the 3 feels modern to me. it’s called THREADED and it will show posts from all 3 of the new forums. This is what it’s set on now.

Now there three separate forums instead of two. A General forum now and separate PC and Mac forums. I’m hoping to bring together everyone more in the General forum now that the versions are near identical feature wise.

From now till Sunday evening feel free to give it a test run and post gibberish, on it or whatever (no picks of your junk please…haha) and play around or post comments for any issues found.
If all goes well I will delete all the junk test posts on Monday and we will move into this new house permanently.  8)

I was really looking for a way to do this all in SLACK but the embedded website integrations are not quite there yet so until then this will be the new BaseHead Community home for everyone.

The new RequestBase home is at the bottom also 8)
It’s a Q/A forum technically, but ignore the terminology cuz i dig how we can see Votes easily from front page.

Give it a test drive now over this weekend.  It will go live come Monday with link added inside your user Dashboard.