License Transfers/Replacements


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CodeMeter License Transfers:
This item can be used to purchase transfer fees from CmStick to CmStick or CmStick to iLok/USB Flash Drive OR if your USB Device died and you need a replacement license or just want to Transfer your license to bind to another device for a 4.x license.

FYI: All 5.x and 2020 transfers are free now unless going to or from a CmStick or changing ownership
Basically, any license that involves writing a CodeMeter license we need to charge for it cuz they charge us. 😉

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License Transfer Fee (To CmStick), License Transfer Fee (To iLok/USB Drive from CmStick), License Transfer of Ownership Fee, Replace or Move a 4.x License (One Platform PC or Mac), Replace or Move a 4.x License (Dual PC or Mac)