CodeMeter CmStick/B (USB 3.0 Dongle)

$100.00 USD


NEW: We now stock the new and smaller CmStick/B that is faster, more solid and USB 3.0.

NOTE: we will not ship CmStick's unless you are a current BaseHead, LLC user or purchased a license at the same time cuz the cost is just too high for us to drop ship them and we actually loose money.  😉

USB Dongle used with BaseHead to put licenses on it for facilities that want to access their licenses over LAN or WAN.  They can be used over a local network or even over the web with a simple port forward.
We no longer recommend these for individual users and only facilities at this point.
See the Licensing Options page for more info.

You can also use an existing CmStick/Ignition key from another software developer to put one of our licenses on it to save some money!  In fact if you are not in U.S. we recommend buying one direct from Cleverbridge cuz shipping from the U.S. is insane nowadays 8(  We can add our licenses on those once you receive it in the mail.


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Weight 2 oz