We’ve been super busy the last few months on improvements and stability fixes.
Here’s just a taste of the 50+ some changes on the horizon for both PC/Mac coming this week!

the official last builds to keep an eye out for will be… for PC
5.2.21 for macOS

  • (Mac) macOS 10.15 Catalina support added for people living on the bleeding Edge.  Shockingly BaseHead worked with it right out the gate minus a few changes we had to do, but we have seen horror stories with other programs, so we’d suggest waiting 4 months at least before upgrading to this if you can help it  😉
  • (PC) Major Results List Change for the PC version: a Brand Spanking new Results List Datagrid. The old Microsoft WPF one was annoying slow if you grabbed the scrollbars. This new one has data virtualization built in so Asynchronous Loading is not needed anymore and multi-selecting and drag is vastly improved also with this new Datagrid.  Also search times should be drastically improved also!  Yay!
    Individual Channel Extraction: It’s instantaneous now! No more waiting for channels to extract. BLAM! done in an instant now!
  • QAP: 10 Channel meters added to the Quick Access Panel (Ultra)
  • QAP: Added Solo/Mutes for Channels 9-10 now.  (Ultra)
  • Channel Extraction: also supports 9 and 10 channel interleaved files now also with “9” and “0” keys
  • CloudPacks: draws Hi-Res Waveform now once downloaded fully so can zoom in and have a better view.  Plus stability fixed done.
  • Stereo Meters: show the right side of Split Files now and show RMS instead of Peak now.
  • REAPER: many integration tweaks and improvements done.
  • (PC) Adobe Audition: Updated Generic Target App support to work with latest CC version.
    FYI: if you Audition guys want proper Hardwired support shout for it on the RequestBase cuz it’s possible now that we added Premiere Support.
  • Drive Remapping Panel: added two new Paste icons that pastes the [folder] path of the last selected file in the Results List plus some other improvements
  • SmartLoop: Improvements done with this new feature
  • Xfers/Groups: Can now add Referenced files to this to prepare for upcoming ‘Project Mode’
  • CloudPacks: now available for Lite version also in preparation for Retail packs that are a coming 😉
  • HTTP File: can now be added to ‘Collections’ and ‘Groups’ and ‘Playlist’ node.
    IMPORTANT: You should hold the ALT key before dragging to avoid the warning message.
  • (PC) Importing: Long Path Support Added now for paths over 256 chars.
  • QAP: Key Commands added for “Spot with Handles” “Spot Inline” and “RFWP” (See tooltip in QAP or user manual for key commands)
  • A ton of stability fixes and UI tweaks as always and so much much more …..

You can view the 50+ change list  right now on the main Downloads Page, The official downloads will be posted in a few days.
As always… make sure you Support Plan is active for your license before you update to it.  😉

New Requirements:
Windows 10, 8 or 7  (with .NET 4.8 Framework)
macOS 10.10 or higher

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