If you haven’t seen yet, we posted new major PC and Mac versions on the main download pages for the month or December.

Some of the main changes and features include…

  • Audio Kinetic’s Wwise hardwired WAAPI integration added for your game audio cats.
    Check out the WAAPI Walk-Thru page to get you going with this sick new feature.
  • 10.14 Mojave support for macOS
  • New Marker Panel: added to right sidebar for editing and adding CUE Markers that are compatible with the likes of SoundForge and Wavelab.  This is a major feature that took months to add in and make solid so we hope you get some use out of it  😉
  • Pro Tools: “Follow Session Folder” new and improved to work with sessions on a NAS or Avid Nexis server now.
  • Options Page: A 2nd Wave Editor added
  • Options Page: Weekly Database Backup option.
  • User Thesaurus: Can edit directly on the table now and many other UX improvements done.
  • “Sum to Mono” function now unlocked for Standard users also now and has it’s own key command now. (Shift+M)
  • Import/Export Text File and BurnIn Panels have separate logs now with other improvements done.
  • Results List Snapshots: now has 4 presets to store/recall Results List columns, order and width for people that switch between music and SFX work or anyone that need want to work with different layouts.
  • Browser Page: Filter Search Added
  • Browser Page: New Option “Retain Filter Search”
  • Browser Page: added function “Remove All Recent Places” and also possible to remove current one only.
  • PC users: in 5.1 (or higher) the licensing changed to match same in Mac 5.0 – non-CmStick user will need a new license to this update. (See Downloads page for more info)
  • ReWire: re-written completely and working 1000% better now in the PC version AND it’s coming to Mac now also in in one of the next builds posted
  • Tons and tons of stability, tweaks and fixes as always along with UX improvements.