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USB Device Locking Info & Troubleshooting (v5.0+)

License Information & Troubleshooting – version 5.1 (Non-CmSticks)

NOTE: With the start of version 5.0 and 5.1 PC we introduced a new License.key that no longer uses the CodeMeter Runtime.
If you are running 5.0 for PC then request a new license file for this new system.

This new system is should be fairly trouble free.

The main thing to note is you have to install your License.key that was mailed to you on each system you plan to use it on if you choose to bind to a USB Device, iLok or your System.


1. Install BaseHead
2. Drop the License.key file on the right side of ‘Register’ Panel…..Done!

This is explained in detail on the License Apply Page





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