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4.x USB Device Locking Info & Troubleshooting (non CmStick)


Below are some problems with solutions for old 4.x licenses that Apple loved to break with every update.  8(

It’s is extremely recommended to upgrade to version 5.x since it has a new system Apple isn’t messing with yet.

--- Frequently asked questions ---
I'm getting an error with License Apply saying is damaged and can't be opened?

This is super poor error message by Apple cuz it just doesn’t recognize this version of License Apply you have.

Two ways to fix this….

  • Use an unzip utility like Keka to unzip the package instead of the built in macOS can resolve this OR…
  • Go to your System Prefs/Security Privacy and in ‘Allow apps downloaded from:’ check ‘Anywhere’. See this PAGE for step by step instructions
The License Apply application doesn't seem to launch. Can I do a manual install of the plugins

Yep….follow the instructions on the bottom of this PAGE.

Having a USB Device Locking Issue or System Drive locking issues?

(This Includes iLok2/3 binding …. For CmSticks THIS PAGE*)

First…. do you see your License appear in the CodeMeter Control Center?
If it’s Red and says “Activation Invalid” like the below image you are definitely having a CodeMeter Runtime Issue.

Always the first thing to try is a FULL Un-install and Re-Install of the CM Runtime in this case.

Instructions to do this can be found at the very bottom of this page for you platform.
This also insures you have the latest version and are up to date.

I'm getting an error message like the below. What does this error mean?

This is saying that your license a 4.x Ultra license is missing with the number 420 in it.

Maybe you launched the wrong version to match your license?

420 is 4.x Ultra

410 is 4.x Standard

400 is 4.x Lite

300 license is for 3.x and a 200 license is for BaseHead 2.x

Make sure you installed the correct software version for the license you purchased.
I can’t tell you how many time I have been emailed about a 420 error when the user purchased only version 2.x and never upgraded to 4.x….8)

Below are other error message and solutions you may see after running License Apply…..

My License is Red in the CM Runtime after a System Restore or Hard Drive Clone.  

I can’t repair it and getting a 262 Error also.



This mean you probably have an older license that wasn’t written with the ability to re-import.

Contact BaseHead Support for a new Custom Binding Plugin Package for your USB Flash Drive or iLok2.

I just ran License Apply and get a 263 or 264 error. How to Fix?

This is usually  caused if you are using a Cloned Drive or a System Restore that was just done using something like Time Machine. (TimeMachine)

The fix is to do a full Un-install Re-Install of the CM Runtime to fix that.  See below how to do that.

I'm getting a 266 error on macOS when I try to bind to my system drive and drag the .wbb file to the Control Center to create a context file.


This is probably caused cuz you dragged the .wbb in once already, but it’s just invisible so it’s impossible to use the UI to create a context file.  The fix is to open terminal on OSX and run this command to create a context file manually.
cmu –context 5000538 –file BHRequestFile.WibuCmRaC

Then send us this file named BHRequestFile.WibuCmRaC that was just created in the location where terminal is currently set to.

On Windows I'm getting a 101 or 102 Error when trying to install on a fresh System?

This usually means you are missing some key C++ runtime components that now in included in the newer License Apply Packages.
Email us for the fix and mention this page where you read this so we can get you a newer package to use.

I'm trying to install my custom plugin installer on a new system, but I see a bunch of Red X's and files are missing in License Apply.

Apple broke the older plugin installer in 10.12. Contact BaseHead Support to get an updated installer.
Make sure to add  a screenshot like above so we know what the problem you are speaking of.
How do I do a proper un-install re-install of the CM Runtime?

PC users:

  • Remove the CodeMeter runtime through the operating system control panel
  • If you find more than one installation of the CodeMeter runtime, remove them too.
  • Reboot!!
  • Go HEREand download the latest executable installer for the CodeMeter Runtime for your system.
  • Right-click the executable installer and select “run as admin”

If this procedure doesn’t fix your problem, then you need to create a diagnostic file to send to Codemeter
go to Start->CodeMeter->Tools-> CmDust to generate a Dust diagnostic file.
Grab that dust file created from your user folder and attach it to us in a Support Ticket.

Mac users:

  • Download and run the DMG installer from HERE, Run It and Choose the Un-install option
  • Make sure it deleted the CodeMeter Control Center, otherwise do it manually.
  • Reboot!!
  • Then Re-Run that same DMG and do a new install

If this procedure doesn’t fix your problem, then you need to create a diagnostic file to send to CodeMeter
Open a terminal and type: cmu –cmdust –file CmDust-Result.log to generate a Dust diagnostic file.
Grab that dust file created from your user folder and attach it to us in a Support Ticket.

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