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BaseHead PC: PRO TOOLS Checklist

This page contains DAW specific issues to work through for PC users.

If you are having licensing issues see the Licensing Section 

If you are having general BaseHead issues see the BaseHead PC: General FAQ

If you are having macOS related issues check out the BaseHead Mac: FAQ Section 

BaseHead PC Pro Tools FAQ

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Why do I get missing files the next time I open Pro Tools?

This seems to be a problem with versions lower than PT12 if it you drag or spot the same exact file twice into it.

The fix for now: turn on “Create Unique Filenames” on the Options Page to make sure BH always makes a new fresh filename before spotting or using DnD.

UPDATE: version 2020.5 or higher has some changes to fix the PT flaw.

When I try and drag any file from BaseHead or my Desktop to my DAW (Especially Pro Tools) it doesn't work?

You need to shut your UAC off to fix this.  It’s a known bug reported by Avid and that is their official fix for it! hahaha

Also, if you run a DAW like Cubase ‘As Administrator’ you will get the same problem until you turn the UAC OFF.

TBH….The UAC is quite worthless so shut that worthless thing off…8)

The BaseHead ReWire Device isn't showing up in Pro Tools?

Go to  Users<user>AppDataRoamingAvidPro Tools and delete the file named InstalledAAXPlugIns

PT will then re-scan for the ReWire.dll and it should show up then.

Why isn't Nuendo, Cubase or Pro Tools copying files to the audio files folder when spotting or pressing"X" when the DAW prefs are set to always copy?
It’s because we are using an API supplied by these companies and they ignore these settings with region spotting and always reference files. Seems like a bug on their end to be honest.

So best to always set your transfer path to the audio files folder for the session to get the desired results. Nuendo/Cubase users can use the “Follow Session Folder” option also to make the process automated

I see the error ".ptx file location not indexed" when opening a Pro Tools session with "Follow Session Folder"

This is because the location of your Pro Tools session is not in a location indexed by windows for searching. In order for the detection of the session folder to work the session must be in a location (local) that is set to be indexed by Windows for searching.

Network locations cannot be set to be indexed so if you are running a project over a network then you will not be able to have the session folder set automatically by BaseHead for file transfers.

You can set the transfer location manually if you need to use sessions from a network location using the Transfer Folder setting in the bottom bar of BaseHead (bottom left of basehead window). 

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