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macOS Pro Tools FAQ

If you are having issues with spotting or transferring files from BaseHead to Pro Tools or any issues in regards to integrating to Pro Tools please check all the following points.

If you are having licensing issues see the Licensing Section 

If you are having macOS Pro DAW integration issues check out the BaseHead Mac: DAW FAQ Section 

If you are having general BaseHead issues check out the BaseHead Mac: General FAQ Section 

If you are having BaseHead PC issues see the BaseHead PC: FAQ Section


BaseHead macOS Pro Tools FAQ
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"Spot to Track" doesn't seem to be working. No error message and it looks to work, but no file appears on the Pro Tools Timeline after press "S"

Here is a checklist to be aware of when using Pro Tools:

  • Using macOS Spaces or Pro Tools Maximized in FULL SCREEN mode will wall off contact to PT from BH, so avoid these at all costs cuz PT will not receive an Apple Event from BaseHead.
  • as of macOS 10.13 or so BaseHead has to be in your ‘Applications’ folder as required by Apple now to fire commands into another program.
  • BaseHead’s Sample Rate on the Options Page must match the Pro Tools Session Sample Rate to work correct also especially with regions and “Spot with Handles”.
  • Also make sure BaseHead is set to control your computer in System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Accessibility.   If it’s already in the list then remove it and re-add it.

Be sure to check all macOS Security/Privacy settings, follow this guide

Why does my Active Session switch to (none) when I switch back to BaseHead.

Neither BH or PT can be in a maximized full screen mode or on separate desktops for BH to be able to sniff out the audio file folder and session of the current session in Pro Tools.

Double Click the top title bar in the middle to maximize both applications instead of clicking on the third icon from the left maximize button on the Title Bar that causes the applications to animate and fly left right when Alt+Tabbing between them.

What are the recommended settings to use PT with BH?

BaseHead is designed to be the boss of PT, so it’s only recommended to have BH do all the file copying and SRC.
So turn ALL PT Import options OFF like so:

Using “Follow Session Folder” ON in BH is also highly recommended to copy all audio to the Audio Files folder for the current Pro Tools Session.  We could write a book why this is best practices when working.  Just trust us….this is the way it was designed to work.  8)

The only exception to the above is for people that are cutting long ambiances.   In this case we suggest turning “Reference File When Possible” ON or tagging file referenced using “Command+T” so you can work faster with long files.  When finished with the reel make sure to do a Save Session Copy since the files were referenced.

The Pro Tools Aggregate audio driver is causing BaseHead to crash on each record click. How to fix?

Simple….do NOT use it! 😉
It’s a fake driver and not a very good one. Plus if set up wrong will cause crashing so avoid it all all costs if possible.

"Follow Session Folder" doesn't seem to auto-switch Transfer Paths for me.

In version 5.x or higher and macOS 10.14 and higher you need to give Screen Recording permission now in System Security preferences.

Check This Article for more information about Security/Preference settings

Additionally, you need to check this option in Pro Tools Preferences > Operation > Misc > Local Waveform Cache Versions and ensure it is set to 0…. Another weird PT quirk: 

The BaseHead ReWire Device is not showing up in Pro Tools

first make sure you have installed version 5.2 of higher and then…

  1. Quit Pro Tools and open Finder
  2. Click on the Go menu at the top of your screen, hold down the Option key on your keyboard, and select Library
  3. Navigate to Preferences > Avid > Pro Tools
  4. Delete the file called InstalledAAXPlugIns
  5. Launch Pro Tools. It should now scan for any ReWire client currently installed.
Rewire crashes after spotting a file and trying to play it with "Rewire error 5000"

First, make sure you are not using the Pro Tools Aggregate Audio Device. 
Next, check your Pro Tools Preferences and disable the option “Parallel Task Optimizations”

A modern and more reliable option to ReWire is Source Nexus

This works with all versions from Lite to Ultra and will stream 8 channels of audio to your DAW and a lot more solid and modern and more flexible than ReWire.

NOTE: Once they make a PC version of SN we will probably rip ReWire completely out of the Windows version also cuz it’s superior in every way!

Why isn't Nuendo, Cubase or Pro Tools copying files to the audio files folder when spotting or pressing"X" when the DAW prefs are set to always copy?

It’s because we are using an API supplied by these companies and they ignore these settings with region spotting and always reference files. Seems like a bug on their end to be honest.

So best to always set your transfer path to the audio files folder for the session to get the desired results. Nuendo/Cubase users can use the “Follow Session Folder” option also to make the process automated

Why do I get assertion errors or an OS Error message when spotting to Pro Tools?

Make sure your PT bin doesn’t have a search in it.  Make sure to display ALL before spotting by pressing (Command+Shift+D)
Dumb, we know!!  but it’s an Avid issue.

Why do I get missing files the next time I open Pro Tools?

This seems to be a problem with versions lower than PT12 if it you drag or spot the same exact file twice into it.

To fix: turn on “Create Unique Filenames” on the Options Page to make sure BH always makes a new fresh filename before spotting or using DnD.

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