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macOS DAW Specific FAQ

If you are having issues integrating with REAPER, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo or Logic please check through any relevant points here first

If you are having licensing issues see the Licensing Section 

If you are having macOS Pro Tools integration issues check out the BaseHead Mac: Pro Tools FAQ Section 

If you are having general BaseHead macOS issues check out the BaseHead Mac: General FAQ Section 

If you are having BaseHead PC issues see the BaseHead PC: FAQ Section


macOS Pro Tools FAQ
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Spotting and Transferring isn't working with my DAW

Firstly, make sure you have selected the correct Target Application you are working with in the Options page for the transfer features to work :

Second make sure your Privacy Premissions are all granted.

You need to grant permissions in these areas.
-Automation (macOS 10.14 or higher)
-Screen Recording (For Pro Tools

If still not working try removing BH from the above and re-add it.

Check This Article for info on setting macOS Security/Permissions

Why is REAPER showing "Offline Media" for all files I'm spotting "S" to it?

In macOS 10.15 and above, make sure in System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Files and Folders you have access to the folder your Transfer path is set to. If you see the folder and it’s unchecked, that is your problem. Re-Check it to correct it. 😉

Example: In the below screenshot you see the Documents Folder added but not checked cuz at one point you choose “NO” when asked for permission to this folder. This will cause a problem if your Transfer Path is set to this location.


Check this folder and re-launch BaseHead to resolve the issue.


Why isn't Nuendo, Cubase or Pro Tools copying files to the audio files folder when spotting or pressing"X" when the DAW prefs are set to always copy?

It’s because we are using an API supplied by these companies and they ignore these settings with region spotting and always reference files. Seems like a bug on their end to be honest.

So best to always set your transfer path to the audio files folder for the session to get the desired results. Nuendo/Cubase users can use the “Follow Session Folder” option also to make the process automated

What about tighter Integration to other DAWs? Why do I see more supported DAWs in BaseHead on Windows?

You can always Drag and Drop to any application that supports DnD directly from BaseHead, but as far as tighter integration, like “Spot to Track” feature, that it isn’t possible unless an API is available from the manufacture of the DAW and currently only Nuendo/Cubase, REAPER Pro Tools and Logic have an available API to do such things.

Yes, on the PC side we support many other generic DAW’s because Windows makes things easy for developers which sadly isn’t the case with macOS…..

We do this by firing key commands into them, but since the Mac platform’s open file dialog does NOT allow pasting in file paths, this is unfortunately not possible….8(

When I use Source Nexus I hear no sound in my target application?

Check first that you have set the {SN} button on in BaseHead (top of the result list). You should have the Source Nexus plugin inserted into one of your DAW tracks and it needs to be set to “Receive” not send.

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