Here are just a short list of  the many tasty new features and changes that arrived in this July 2019 in the first version 5.2 update.

  • We just added hardwired Target App support for Adobe Premiere Pro We made a panel that loads into PPro now allowing bi-direction communication between our programs allowing ‘Spot to Track’ ‘Xfer to Bin/Pool’, ‘Follow Session Folder’ and ‘Auto-Switching Paths’ now..  See THIS PAGE for a setup walk thru
  • New pitchSlider Modes: by popular demand, we added two new modes to the pitch Slider.  New Percentage and Semi-Tone modes.  You can now also type in values AND it’s also lockable!
  • Performance Recording: (Ultra) These user can now whack the new record button in the transport section and capture pitch bends and VST knob tweaks that go direct to a new file that gets added to the Playlist  node in red prefixed by a “PERF-” that allows saving multiple takes without stopping playback.
  • SmartLoop: whenever you move a pitch or speed slider we set the transport into looping mode for whole files now also cuz if you are moving sliders….chances are you want to hear it over and over.  😉
  • Nuendo 10 Support: we just added officially target app support for this king of DAWS
  • ProTools: SyncPoint’s will now spot with an offset now to Pro Tools also. This was a Nuendo/Cubase exclusive in the past……Not anymore!  8)
  • ReWire now also for macOS since we had it re-coded for PC, we decided why not do it for macOS also?  So we did!
  • Markers:  Many improvements done in the marker reading and writing all around.  Including we now write markers to the new files and also compensate for pitch and sample rate differences at the same time.
  • Individual Channel Extraction: Now available for Standard and Lite users also!  Yay!
  • PeekTree:  (Playlist, Paths and Xfers) nodes unlocked for Lite users now.
  • Waveform: Improvements with the Yellow Range Selection and Drag and Drop from top 1/3  of the WF between the yellow range has returned also!
  • Optimized for .NET 4.8 for Windows.
  • Adds support for macOS 10.15 Catalina also now.
  • As always! Tons and tons of stability, tweaks and fixes. Along with UX improvements.  See the main download page for the full list of 75+ changes in detail.

For people that prefer not to read, there is a rough video at the bottom of this page….8)
We will be updating online user manual also this week to match the new changes also.

You can view the massive change list and also grab it right now on the main Downloads Page, but as always… make sure you Support Plan is active for your license before you update it.  😉

New Requirements:
Windows 10, 8 or 7  (with .NET 4.8 Framework)
macOS 10.10 or higher