CloudPack Streaming Region Availability Page

At launch the CPM was available Worldwide and it was Wonderful!
BUTTT the hosting company failed to inform us fully about certain extra charges to deliver the SFX to certain regions so we had to take a step back to restructure the data and at the same time mirror it to more servers.  This might take 2-4 weeks so bear with us.  😉

As of July 1st we only have the United States back online unfortunately as that is where the original SFX are hosted to use the CPM.  FYI: You will need CPM v2021.7. or higher for the above countries to work.

Very Soon we will have the European Countries back up and then after an Asia server will be spun up also so check this page often for updates for the new and improved CPM!

FYI: We are also converted all the sounds to FLAC in the process so expect 3 fold speed increases in some regions with the combination of smaller files and lower latencies.   😉