Hell-O-Ween Special!

Upgrade your Halloween Horror Catalogue today!


We celebrate which is Hands down the best Holiday Evah!
and Yeah that is a logo and mascot of a late 80’s German metal band Helloween we grew up listening to.   😉
(video at the bottom of this page if you are not familiar….hehe)

UPDATE: This Horrific sale goes thru November 18th now!


Offer #1   For New Users: Spend more than $299 in CPM Marketplace, get a new perpetual license of BaseHead Standard Edition for only $99

Offer #2   For New Users: Spend more than $399 in CPM Marketplace, get a new perpetual license of BaseHead Ultra Edition for only $99

Offer #3   For Existing version 5.x-2020 Users: For every $10 spent in CPM Marketplace, extend your Support Plan an extra 2 months (up to a maximum 12 months).

So….how do I cash in on this deal?

Limit one per user.  Just send an email to cpm ‘AT’ baseheadinc ‘DOT’ com after your CPM order is completed with your receipt and will will send you further instructions.  😉

Happy Halloween Yo!  



QuickStart CPM Steps for the first timers:

  • Install the latest BaseHead 2020.0 (or higher) with the CPM from the main Downloads Page’
  • Make sure you have a Credit Card in your BaseHead Account
  • Launch BH, login on the Start Page and press “F12” to launch the  CPM and go to the Store Page
  • Pick a SFX pack you’ve been dying to get and buy that sucker and cash in on this sweet deal!



Welcome to the New Normal!

Need more CPM info still?

as Promised….Check out  the old school band HELLOWEEN
Gotta love that old Sh*t!  😉