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VST Rack Improvements  



Designing SFX by recording in real-time thru VSTs into my DAW is an important part of my workflow. I'm making a list of features and improvements I'd love to see in the VST rack to make this easier to do. Apologies if any of these are already possible...I haven't figured it out:

  • When I click an empty slot and the drop-down list of VSTs appears, the mouse cursor should also appear in the search field. This way you can start typing the name of the VST you want immediately
  • "Clear all slots" would be a nice option. Maybe it can be added to the "presets" menu at the bottom.
  • Add an option to presets to save the current rack over an already existing preset name. Currently you must type the exact name of the preset you want to overwrite to do so.

Not sure if I'll be able to edit/add to this list here, but this is what I've got for right now.

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Alrighty, my bad that I haven't noticed a button 'no effect' there xD but anyway 'Hide All' feature would be quite handy there as well.

Yeah 'no effect' works one slot at a time, but there isn't a way to "Clear all slots" as I requested.

And of course 'Hide all' would be a different thing, where the slots would still be filled but the plug-in windows would go away.

  • "Show all" large eyeball button at top of rack should also "hide all". Right now you have to close them all one at a time, which is annoying and the behaviour should go both ways with that button.

I'm currently testing Basehead since yesterday and I'm really impressed with it but...

Was scratching my head for a few hours now how on earth I can clear the VST rack and I find this post. Wow, this is such obvious thing and I can't even get around it. I just have some plugins in there and the only option is just replace them with others...

Yeah, and possibility of 'Hide all' feature is also no brainer. I rly can't find possibility of having a good workflow without these 2 things.