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[Solved] UCS database connection


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It would be awesome if BaseHead was able to connect to the UCS database and pull metadata - maybe this could be connected to the new CPM in a nice way? Here's how the competitor does it 🙂 https://youtu.be/oGniuxDFtRo

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We have a bunch of UCS related features coming this month but will probably not have the Database Search as you can see in the "rivals" video it's matching files based on their fingerprint which there is no way to know what library they are using as there are many of them out there or it could be custom in house propriety system.

FYI: It's already possible to do this with purchased Packs in the CPM...
If a vendor wants to update their metadata ever they can send Andy an updated Database and he will replace on the CPM server and then if the user right clicks the CloudPack and choose "Refresh CloudPack Database" will bring down the updated changes.

Or just delete and re-add the CP will also bring down the updated metadata from the vendor if they changed it post purchase.

I want to add a auto-detect feature when the DB has been updated and auto-replace the old one but so far we only have to update 2-3 packs from one vendor after we informed them some records were showing the wrong info.
If we start to see a lot of vendors updating their metadata then that will come for sure.   😉






Yes yes yes and yes! Basehead and UCS has to be a thing!

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Agree! I am patiently waiting for an answer, but I really want to update my personal and commercial libraries to UCS – and hopefully use BaseHead for that


note that steps towards this feature are now in progress. You can offer feedback, suggestions via this dedicated thread now: