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Transcribe the text/speech found in the media and make it searchable. This would revolutionize the process of finding alts and especially, cheats, in production audio -- or any other dialog/speech editing context.


For example, imagine having instant access to all occasions where a character said a certain word -- or syllable even -- outside of the given scene; ready to preview and spot... Would save many hours if not days on some projects.


Any chance something like has been considered or might be in the works?

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Nothing along these lines planned, or at least nothing like this has ever been requested or discussed which doesn't mean it's not a good idea, just not something people are really looking for in a sample manager I guess.

There are software solutions out there that can generate test from speech but there would be a few issues to incorporate something like this into BaseHead

First would be the service needed to do this work and the cost vs the demand for the feature. Next would be the need to store a large amount of data in the database. 

It's a valid request, just not something I think is in consideration at least for the next year or two. 

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