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Hello - I am a PC-based Avid Media Composer editor here and my team and I are in desperate need of metadata when importing files from Basehead (we're currently using the ctrl click + drop into a bin method). Avid MC does not retain any metadata whatsoever when importing audio, regardless of file type. (In case anyone here is familiar with MC and suggests AMA-linking, the option to AMA-link audio and transcode to MXF for the sake of metadata-retention is not feasible, arduous and would slow down anyone's workflow drastically. Especially for sound design.)

Is it possible to implement support for Avid MC via AAF export so audio is transferred as MXF files into a designated AvidMedia Files > MXF > 1 [ or any pre-set folder name containing numbers] and the AAF is dropped into a bin allowing Avid to read and open the files and their associated metadata?

The only other sound library search platform I've been told supports MC integration via AAF export makes their top-tier products exclusively Mac-based and doesn't look too great in comparison to BH 😉. (Our third-party audio and mix contractors would be ecstatic too to have embedded metadata when we turn over our deliverables.)

My team of editors and producers and I are dealing with a sfx library of around 300k+ files and I am currently using BH before implementing and buying it for company wide use in an NAS/Interplay environment. (While we are in quarantine and working from home -- for what is seemingly going to last for the next few months -- we would all buy individual licenses.) 

Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide or anything you need that may be helpful.


Hope you all are staying safe and healthy.


A happy Basehead Ultra user.

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Any Chance? I noticed AATranslator may be helpful when converting to AAF files. 😀 😀