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[Solved] (Need to Split to two Threads) Spotting of the selected region of the split tracks played back / displayed even if only one track is technically selected for the playback


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The split track playback is a great feature when handling deinterleaved production dialogue slates. 2 useful possibilities to add to that to make it easier for dialogue editors would be :

- the possibility to spot the selected region from all the tracks in the split track playback display as opposed to just the selected tracks' (the split track display is there, but it seems only the selected track have its region spotted onto Pro Tools when you spot and the spotting doesn't take into account all the tracks played back / displayed). Maybe there is a way, but I couldn't figure it out.

- the display of the tracks' titles / channels' names on the waveform display. It's useful for production dialogue as we can read what character's mic we're listening to just by looking at the waveform pane.



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Hey Gerald!

Can you make this into two separate posts as they are two very different requests?  😉

BTW: It's on my internal list to show track names on the Waveform already so I will +1 it and have Jason +1 it also.
If it gets some votes and I will move it up the internal priority list BUT first please put these both into their own threads as they are as close as apples and oranges man....hehe

Steve T.





I have the same problem


Absolutely. To add to this, this is exactly the behavior that is needed when "Reference original when possible" is selected: regardless of which channel of the interleaved file is shown/being previewed/monitored, just throw the WHOLE file as it is, without any transcoding, to the DAW. Otherwise, "Reference original" in this case isn't even applicable...

For channel names -- which are iXML chunk fields -- it would be great to see them but even better yet would be to be able to pick/solo channels by clicking on those names, too...


I have already asked about all these both via the request base and support tickets, all to no avail so far. Glad to see more people that deal with production sound are looking here 🙂