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Spot split files the same way we can spot interleaved files  




Spotting a stereo file to track works very well with interleaved files, I would like to have the same functionality for split files. I use only mono files :  I have a lot of .L and .R files in my library ; Basehead can detect and read those files as stereo files, but I can't spot the sound to stereo tracks in Protools. 

The only way I found, is to select the 2 files in the result window and spot to a mono track (above another mono track), then, the left file is copied on the 1st track, and the right file on the second. It would be great to select a region in the Basehead player and spot directly to a stereo track in Protools, use handles, and the other thing we can do with interleaved or mono files.


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hello ,

I have the exactly inverse problem. I am not able to spot multiple tracks interleaved directly on mono tracks with the "S" shortcut. Sometimes it works if I drag and drop ... an sometimes not

i've got an error message : "spot to track problem, no alias was created"....and i have to restart BaseHead or force basehead to reload the session folder in the option tab.

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to work around the problem, I have to create "imports tracks" in PT based on the number of tracks in my audio file. but after that i have to move the wanted clip on the good audio track in PT.... waste of time. 

If there is any idea, i take. 

Best regards.