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Sort collections by name in Collection Tab


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We can sort the folders into a Collection but we can't sort the different Collections in the PeekTree. 
It would be nice for people who have a lot of collections 

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Agreed, that would be helpful!


The groups, libraries and collections are sorted alphabetically in descending order so a workaround for sorting if you have a lot of collections and would like to order some as the top collections would be to rename the collection and simply add a number to the front. Think in terms of if you wanted to make folders in your OS appear at the top of a list.

In cases where I want an order of "favourites" at the start of a list but maintain an alphabetical sorting I just add [] around the name and this places it at the top of a list (after numbers)


My collections are not sorted by name, just by when I created them – as you can see in the screenshot here:

Screenshot 2020 04 06 at 13.13.54



Ah, yes you are right. Groups and imports are ordered by name so renaming them with a number works. I (wrongly) assumed Collections was also the same (never used collections myself for anything) so probably worthy of a request.

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