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[Solved] Saving 'lost' taglists [Cure coming in BaseHead 2023 already]


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I find myself, on occasion, forgetting to save a taglist before I close Basehead. This is most definitely my mistake, and I'm usually very careful to prevent this from happening! But when deadlines are tight and I'm tired and in a rush... mistakes do happen.

Is there the possibility of a 'Would you like to load the most recently closed taglist?' window when switching to the taglist bar?

Perhaps there's already a functionality for this, I just haven't been able to find it with creative googling. Arguably a case of RTFM...

Many thanks,


1 Answer

The next major version of BH in 2023 will have the ability to create multiple Taglists AND they save as your are working constantly. 
Join the BETA team to get early access to it.



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